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I need help in using hmm for speech recognition. I have taken 2 words 'open' and 'close' for my project. plp method is used to extract the features. I have 8 training speech signal having 31 frames With each frame consisting of 4 coefficients. I need help I using hidden markov model. I am not understanding what is different (...)
Good day, I am learning speech recognition and i am interested in Hidden Markov Model. I have a small knowledge of hmm but i dont know what is the relationship of it to speech recognition system. If you can kindly say the pseudocode for it, i will be very happy and try to understand it. I have good (...)
please send me code for speech recognition using hmm.........
I m doing project on speech recognition using six features and neural network...i got good result for binary class...but not for the higher no of classes....... Now, I want to apply hmm , is any of you have a hmm code , which only takes FV.mat file for test and train and then calssify it ..... i have few weeks left to (...)
Hi guys I'm currently doing on project regarding speech recognition (on bird songs). I would like to ask what classification can easily done in MATLAB such as DTW, GMM, hmm, ANN, and so on? (perfer DTW) So far I've gotten the code for framing, windowing, and MFCC of input signal from: Besides that
I am working on speech recognition project using MFCC & hmm so i need basic tutorial of MFCC as well as hmm. please give me the basic tutorial & MFCC video links.
I think this MCU is WAY to slow to do speech recognition at reasonable rate. I've seen it done on dsPIC30f5013 but it operated at around 30 MIPS with DSP core involved. In most cases speech recognition is realized with Hidden Markov Models (hmm). In the past main method was Dynamic Time Warping (DTW). (...)
Dear friends, For isolated word recognition i created MFCC vectors but for pattern matching which one is better(DTW or hmm)?does it depend on the number of word?or complexity of the system?please help me's urgent
having problem in my thesis. i am doing voice recognition for secure ATM. where human speech features will be extracted by using MFCC. and also using hmm. as i knew hmm is used for noise reduction during speaker recognition and training or it is used for feature matching.........please help me that how MFCC (...)
plz anyone know the code of speech recognizance using hmm,or GMM, or VQ?? my email ID is in my project i have to make code for speaker recognition with these three models and compare them
Hi..... This is Prashanth... Doin my PG project.. A hybrid speech recognition model using hmm and Fuzzy PPM.... .I wanted code in JAVA or C++.... runnable windows platform.... Can we develop it without using Matlab....???? The input can be in form of delivered speech or any wav file.....Plz help me out in writing the code (...)
hi everyone!! iv got a bit of a problem. i understand hmm's but i dont know how does the model of an hmm translate to speech. i.e. what are the hidden and observable parameters, how do you compute the values of pi,A,B for a given word, how do you exactly create the model- the details...i have literature like rabiners work but its
For voice recognition you can use DTW (viterbi) algorithm or hmm. The use of hmm is simply integrated with HTK software. For ANN voice recognition, you can try this link and download the Ph.D thesis:
buy Fundamentals of speech recognition by lawrence rabiner and Juang ISBN :81-297-0138-3 search for hmm (Hidden Markov Model) and GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model). regards, sanbaba
hi this is a link to get the famous tutorial on Hidden Markov Models and its applications to speech recognition Reprints/tutorial%20on%20hmm%20and%20applications.pdf thnx purna
Hi friends, I would like to ask at first about speech recognition for separated words (such as number : zero, one, .... , nine) using artificiel neural network and hmm separately, and houw can I combine the two technics (ANN/hmm). If you have some applications or just ideas in how to programme these two technics in (...)
Anyone tried implemented hmm in FPGA? I am trying to implement a Discrete hmm for speech recognition in Xilinx Virtex device. AS virtex devices can be run-time reconfigured, I would like to take advantage of this. Specifically, I would store the hmm parameters in LUTs and load them at run time as opposed to (...)