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if you have a path where two registers use the same clock enable that is a periodic clock enable, then you know that the setup and hold time can be much longer for these registers as they really only get updated once every N clocks.
I think it's unable to meet both setup and hold for such, if you using usual library cells. And it's also un-reasonable for the real DFF to have setup and hold both equal to 0.
Hello All, In the case of Mullticycle path, the setup value is more than the hold value, however if we consider multi clock domains in the multi cycle path, can setup value be less than hold value? Please provide your views.
Coz since by default hold will be just one cycle befoire the setup. So in this scenario the hold will be calculated at 2nd clock pulse. But we don't require this as to meet this the tool will unnecessarily put many buffers. So we make the hold the first clock pulse by giving the second constarint which u have mentioned. Ho[pe it helped Regards
Not sure I understand the question. What do you mean by "setup and hold between two F.F"? If you don't know the phase relationship between the two clocks, even if they are synchronous, then you can still get into trouble. If this is in an FPGA then the tools will take care of meeting timing between ffs. If you're talking about two discrete ffs,
Can anyone tell me about multicycle hold analysis? Does it affect the frequency of the chip?
If you dont say anything in your timing constraint, the hold check is normally assumed one clock cycle before setup. Therefore, hold is checked at the n-1 clock edge if the path is n cycles long. You can specify when the hold check occurs in your multi-cycle constraint. Check the man page of your synthesizer.
Agree with lostinxlation! Another point is : not all the multicycle path contain many conbination logic on data path. Someone may specify the multicycle path for some special requirement. For example, multi-frequency design, Source Syncronous Bus design. In that case, you should be careful about the (...)
Hi, ALL: Yes, you can set something to let the tool treate these (8MHZ --> 1MHZ and 1MHZ --> 8MHZ) paths as SYNC path, and analysis timing between the path. I can be done. But the problem maybe: it's hard for tool to fix the hold timing violation (may increase a lot in gate count to fix hold (...)
In the sequencial circuit, output of flip flops going through cominatinal logic then, again, to flip flops inputs. Thus delay would be combinational delay+setup time of flipflop. hold time would be satisfied inherently.
Depending on whether you have a single cycle path, or multicycle path, whether you are checking for setup or for hold, your endpoint clock arrival time is adjusted by the clock period. But yes, unless you have clock arrival at endpoint, how are you going to capture data ? Its applicable for all synchronous (...)
can anyone explain me abt the detail info abt sdc file...... wat i know/:----sdc constraints has, setup & hold time information, clk to every net, timing info for std cells, blocks, io delays & port pins,...............other than this anythin more?? wat abt false path, multi clk path it also conatins or not?? plz do correct me