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Unclear what you want to do with the card related to light and AC. The card has no buttons, so it can't be used as remote control. A usual technique is to have a mechanical power switch activated for the room when the key card is stored in a respective holder. The operation is not specific to the type of card put in, and isn't needed to be.
See if you get success by slipping the battery into and out of its holder repeatedly. Try to trigger a reset. Or, use a resistor to short circuit it momentarily, on the chance it triggers a reset. Make the resistor just low enough value to pull down the voltage a tenth of a volt. Did you remove power from the appliance for 30 seconds? That works w
I have a SIM900 pcb where there is SIM Card holder. Attached is its schematic. All the components (res,cap.) are on the top layer while the sim card holder is on bottom layer. When ever I give power to the SIM900, it responds to AT commands but when I try to do ATD; it says SIM Card not inserted. Also the net light blinks with 64ms ON 8
There are many approaches to make bit storage based on loop. For example, the circuit called "bus holder" that used in digital IO can hold a bit value. The circuit is a buffer with weak driver, with input and output connected. And strong driver with Hi-Z ability. To load data strong driver push or pull, to store data strong driver in Hi-Z. Or lat
I may be wrong, but it seems a signal diode in a holder designed to a battery of type AA, with 2 wire leads terminals, or even a fuse; just a guess...
hi, i have purchased one gsm module with sim 900A, power supply section, uart, antenna, sim card holder etc. when i connect power supply to module, my newtwork led
Have you taken into account the shunting effect to ground of the crystal's holder capacitance at 90 MHz? Do you have an accurate model of the crystal which includes this capacitance?
How to get current time using SIM900 ? I am giving AT+CCLK? and it shows 01/01/01,00:00:07 There is a battery holder on my SIM900 modem. How to set up time once using an AT command ? I need to get time from network once and setup the time to SIM900. I need to read time from SIM900 RTC or have to get current time from GSM network and send i
thx for your reply. My sim holder is six pin so I follow the layout for 6 pin without SMF05C it was working properly but after soldering the SMF05C, the SIM900 module became very hot and stop working. I was thinking maybe I soldered the SMF05C in wrong direction.
Hi everyone. So I have this idea to build a card holder that will vibrate (like a phone) when a card slip out of place. In order to do that, i need a a small vibration motor! I end up extract one from the old nokia phone but it's doesn't work when connect to DC supply. Does it need a oscillating voltage supply to work? How to achieve maximum vibrat
i'm trying to create a structure, wherein 2 coaxial probe-fed microstrip patch antennas act as transmit/receive pair 14cm apart (face-to-face) with a dielectric holder in between; kindly give the drawn structure/model in HFSS
Hello, I want to create a new board that contains a battery cell 2032. I am going to use one of the standard battery holders like this one . The thing is that I want to be able to mount and unmount the battery and the holder from the board. So is there something l
hii all, How to connect a coin cell battery to PCB without holder ?? I saw in one project. Is it by using 2 pads and wires?
Hi, can anybody share reference schematics for sim900a please. In my sim900a sim_vcc,sim_rst,sim_clock always 0v. I given 22E resistors inbetween module sim_data,sim_clock and sim_rst to simcard holder and i given 220nf capacitor in sim_vcc to ground.other then this anything i need to give.please can anybody share reference schamatics for sim900
It looks like silicone rubber which is soft and must not be neccessarily removed when changing the batteries. The more interesting point is to desolder the battery tabs properly. I wonder if the board has been originally shipped with silicone attached batteries? It doesn't look very professional. I would normaly expect battery holder in place of
Hi There, I am working on a design requires small button batteries due to space restriction. So, Required voltage = 3.6V - 5.5V retainer or holder Diameter = 8 mm maximum (SMT footprint) height = 6 mm maximum I don't mind using stack of batteries if they satisfy the criteria above Thanks -MRN
hiii all, In my circuit there is a coin-cell battery and I placed bottom side of the board,some vias also present in the battery footprint doubt is when i m inserting battery in battery holder will it contact with vias and circuit become short???
I have a few dozen of a particular smart phone battery type and was thinking of creating a battery holder for my DYI projects to reuse these batteries. I am trying to find the little 'push/spring' type connectors that exist in your basic smart phone that connects to the 4 terminals of a typical lithium ion battery. See attached file. If I can fi
I am trying to test the SIM900 with the given schematic.(Openelectronics schematic) on breadboard. My netlight is working but it never find the network.(SIM_VDD no voltage). My question is :will breadboard connection can work or not. Waiting for your reply. Please let me know do i need to make connection of SIM900 to SIM holder on PCB o
as far as I know you cannot generate VCD file from the already generated waveform files, wdb, and wcfg is only the waveform holder, it does not hold data. which simulator you are working with. in Isim this can be done just before starting simulation