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it is so confused. i have read datasheet Recommended minimum specific GNSS data in section 4.1.1 it explain its NMEA codes. i think RMC (Recommended minimum specific GNSS data ) is my data . these are my current coordinates. 104357 now where are my coordinates on gps da
Hello every body, I am using holux M-8929 gps for receiving the Longitude and latitude from it's gps string. But i am not getting any value of longitude and latitude. and i am not able to figure it out why. For example, this is the GPGGA String format. $GPGGA,001038.00,3334.2313457,N,11211.0576940,W,2,04,5.4,354.682,M,
make sure that the holux module works right.
Hi, I wants to configure holux M-8929 gps for higher Baud rate i.e 9600 or higher and GPRMC String only.. I have tried to send the MTK NMEA Packet to it but it is not responding but instead it starts sending some erroneous data when i send the packet but when i reset it it behaves the same as before sending the packet.. I am using Arduino to send t
Dear Friends i am interfacing GSM Module Sim 900 and gps Module holux M89 with Atmega32A using 74157 Multiplexer and select pin of Mux is connected with pin 16 of Atmega32A. The Problem is that Mux is not passing gps and gsm data to microcontroller. i have checked the continuity of traces all are ok. a proper voltage 4.9 is avaliable on MUX (...)
Hi, I tried to read holux gps (baudrate:4800) from ATMEGA162 with 3,6864 Crystal. and gps is connected to USART0. Please advice how to init the gps and the uC is able to read. Very appreciate your help.
i m doing my gps tracking Project. and stuck in the $GPRMC string filtering as the gps M-89 holux (UART)serial transmit number of strings so our focus is on filtering gprmc string. we are using pic 16f877A , so for testing i use two virtal terminal same 9600bps, attached the tx of first virtual terminal to rx of controller, and attached (...)
Somebody please provide me some design reference for interfacing holux M-93 gps Module with gps fix indicator led. Thanks before.
Hi everyone ! I'm a student and I currently working on my project. One part of my project is to build a gps board based on gps module. I bought a holux UB-93 gps module and a gps active internal antenna (similar to
I am creating a Tracker which sends gps Location to Server Through GSM after every 15seconds. In which i am getting string from a gps Module (holux M-89) and sending this string through GSM Module (SIM300DZ). I connected the gps TX pin to RX of PIC18f452 and GSM RX to TX of IC18F452. gps Module work on (...)
i am new to micro controller programming in my project i have to interface holux gr-89 gps module with micro controller and sends the coordinates to another micro controller through RF module. 1st thing i want to know how to recive coordinates from gps module .. if any buddy have source code please share and i am working on ccs compiler. (...)
Hi ! If anybody working on gps Receiver holux Br89 or already worked on this project then please share the schematic to see gps Data on Hyper terminal.
Experts, I am new to gps world, just need to know more. I have holux gr-89 module and holux m215 gps receiver but neither produces GPRMB stream. The streams received are GPRMC, GPGGA and GPGSV. Do all gps receivers output GPRMB streams?? thanks
I am also looking for gps module which could give reliable results I have used holux GM82 but it does not seem to be very reliable as,it sometimes give invalid data despite that antenna is has clear view of the sky and there is now shadowing still it shows invalid data for a long span of time I am also looking for a more reliable gps (...)
I have Make a project with holux M-89 gps at 4800 baud. Now with any reason it is switched automatically to 2400 baud. It gives data on 2400 baud rate. who can i change its baud.
I have holux-210 gps Mouse .. it has USB connectivity ... I want to use it for my handheld Actually speaking it o/p RS-232 data which is USB converted . Please help me
Hi all :wink: I need the schematic to connect a gps holux GM210 to my Casio EM505 ... I have search all around and you are my last chance :cry: I hope anyone can help me ... Darth ...