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Hi Guys, I am working on temperature controller for home appliances automation. Using MSP430 as microcontroller. I wan to use touch screen and a facny type GUI for this project. Can i get ideas which software i should use to design/develop GUI and what touch LCDs i can use. The software should be either free or low cost. Thanks, Dani
why not use a wifi realy shield or ethernet realy shield for control. and even if you want to use a microcontroller : use arduino it is easier and a lot of sample projects can
Hi, I am thinking of making a home automation system in which lights and fans in the whole house are controlled directly through an android application. Basically the flow will be something as follows: Bulb----Relay-------------Patch Panel --------microcontroller ----Wireless Module 1 ~~~~~~Android Mobile.
can any one give me whole project with circuit diagram and code.i am using 8051 microcontroller .when i send 1 first switch is on ,when 2 second switch is on ,when 3 both are on & when 4 both are off...please help me .you can send me email
hello every one i write a home automation program using pic micro controller and sensors and actions perform by pic and sensors perform correctly and sending to hyper terminal.. like "temperature value Is" "light on" "doors open" now i want to send all these messages to C# based application using serial communication through which it send to owner
Hi All, I am designing a microcontroller based home automation which will derive 10-16 12V 5A relay through RF transceivers. i am using ULN2804 to drive the relays. in the contact side the relay would drive loads like ceiling Fans, lights and other home appliences for long periods. what sort of EMI protection should i have (...)
hi i am making a home automation project over the internet. there are some applications available on the net that can be used to send control signals over the net but i want to make my own app. please suggest the language and amount of coding that would be required. some sample codes would be highly appreciated. thanks
microcontroller-BASED AUTOMATED CIRCUIT BREAKER: A support utility for fault detection and home automation. This is my project title, would anyone can help me about fault detection using microcontroller? Please i really need it n0w.. You can email me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MOD: NO PRIVATE SHARING
pls help me out. need to make a program using microcontroller. 1. Initialize the ports as: (port C) is an input and (port D, port A, Port E) are output. 2. Initialize the ports as: (port C) is an input and (port D, port A, Port E) are output. 3. The program waits until the user presses any keypad and releases it. 4. At this time the microcon
Here i am thinking to develop a project of home automation using Sim300z by creating control Through microcontroller. but i am just a beginner i dont have any clue about it. i will really appreciate if anyone of you expert can help me just starting up with this idea.
Hi I want to interface a microcontroller and zigbee transceiver for home automation project. When i browsed through atmel's website. I found the following models in which they are already interfaced and available in a chip format.
you need theoretical info or a project? check these might help
hey friends . please help me to build the home automation circuit using atmel8051. please tel me how to connect the nokia phones and send sms through the phone. please
We are starting a project of home automation, and we need a board with a microcontroller and a Display, and if it has some buttons better. We need something like a final product, not a generic development board with a lot of space for connecting others things. I mean, not like
I am doing this home automation project using the serial communication between mobile phone(Nokia 7700) and AT89C51.The problem is the serial communication .I learned many things abt it but still i couldnot figure out the connection configuration between the phone and microcontroller.Can anybody help me out with related matters.
AC/DC motor Drives, home automation (i.e. control of differnt parameters), microcontroller based small PLC, Wirelsss control of different systems etc.
Could you help me? I tested user interface part that contain five push buttons , a LCD , and two crystals(7.68MHz and 32kHz).The 5V power supply is built with a transformer .The zero-cross and a triac inputs are not connected to the PIC.When the dc volt is applied to PIC , "Welcome Screen" is not seen although the push button is pressed.Why? t