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hi antenna experts. i designed a Reflectarray unit cell with proper phase shift in CST. i used unit cells in array and fed it by a horn antenna. the solution type is integral equation. now i want to know how can i gain the phase of each element(phase of fields or reflection phase ) after feeding (...)
Hi all. I'm working on Reflectarray. i have designed my unit cell by CST. after designing the unit cell i placed the cells in array form and excite it with a horn antenna. now, each element have it's own phase in re radiating field. so we should know the element phases to compensate them to make all elements radiate in (...)
hi guys recently am doing a waveguide horn array antenna,could u give me some advice or e-books?any help is very greatful. thnx in advance! Tomsin
I am creating an antenna array with 4 elements (horn) thus creating a single horn waveguide port, then create a mesh, create a request to the far field, but there is an error after starting the solver. He reports that the port should be set differently. What is wrong?
Sir, I am doing my m-tech project in microstrip reflect antenna with horn feed. can i get some help to simulate it in HFSS ?
It is straight forward is CST. Choose the templete unit cell. design your unit cell and simulate it in frequency domain. No need to change the boundary conditions as it will automatically taken care of. Once you get the desired reflection properties of your array then design the finite array and feed it with horn antenna (...)
Hello, As i know reflectarray is feed or illuminate by a horn antenna and the wave from the horn was "reflect" by the reflectarray's elements and form a radiation beam around the broadside of the array. So is the array's elements truly just reflect the wave? Or (...)
it's not possible with HFSS but you can simulate a 24cm*24cm relectarray in X band in CST with the horn feed.(using symmetry plane) i vote u i make 31*31 reflectarray using CST with symmetrical H wall and E wall HFSS is ideal ofr getting only the phase figure regards
I'm designing a planar antenna in the mm-wave range. I have to use thick substrate (membrane- or horn-type antenna is out of the question). Since the final target design is an antenna array for focal imaging, no lens must be used. I have to design an antenna on Si or Quartz substrate with (...)
Hey guys why would you use a horn antenna array, what are benifits? what is the differance betwee na pyramida lhor nand a conical why use a conical. Added after 30 minutes: would horn antenna be used to create spot beams
i have adesign of quasi yagi array,i want to use i in a parabola reciever antenna instead of horn ,the array with active elements with 40 db gain,pls tell me the complte design i work at x band(8-12 ghz?)