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i am planning to design a VSAT antenna.... i managed to make a horn just need to add a reflector in front of this....Please can anyone describe me the geometry of Paraboic shape in cst? or what kind of extrude curve i have to use....this must be a great help for my personal projects. only the (...)
Hi, I've set up a pyramidal horn in cst MWS 2014 with the following properties: Directivity: ~20dBi design frequency: 10 GHz Waveguide measurements is standard EIA WR-90 x-band. I've simulated this with a E-field monitor and a farfield monitor and the plots for the farfield has good agreement with what was expected from the (...)
Download the free evaluation of antenna Magus. The horn antenna is included. Just input your frequency range and click "design". You can then export the model to cst if you want and import there for further playing around.
Can anyone help me for designing orange peel reflector antenna? I designed it with Integral equation solver in cst MWS software, but when i placed horn in front of a reflector and run it in transient solver, patterns are lost. I do not what can i do, Please help meeeeee I needed it very soon my email:
check the design guide manual for horn antenna.
It is straight forward is cst. Choose the templete unit cell. design your unit cell and simulate it in frequency domain. No need to change the boundary conditions as it will automatically taken care of. Once you get the desired reflection properties of your array then design the finite array and feed it with horn (...)
So you want to design a pyramidal horn. Start by defining what kind of horn. Frequency, bandwidth, feed etc. The desired electrical characteristics are important too. Yogi has a quote that went something like this: If you don't know where you are going you won't know when you get there. Figure out where you want to go. (It is your (...)
Hi everybody... Can any one tell me how to design double ridges used in pyramidal horn using cst. Cheers!
Hi guys, So im designing a horn antenna for beam scanning. I have 5 rectangular waveguide ports in the horn antenna. I was able to complete everything on HFSS, but now in cst i'am not able to figure out how to excite all the 5 ports at once in varying amplitudes. The design (...)
Hi, I'd like to start design of antennas using cst. Anyone can tell me how to start draw what I like? like corrugated horn antenna? From other side, is there any link(s) for some good ready examples? especially for antennas? Thanks for all in advance.