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I think it is all related to excitation modes or simulation problems. I am not expert in both areas. Mostly i saw papers on slot antennas using SIW. But interested in H Plane horn using SIW very much and will be happy to see if you got any good results.
Hello everyone, I want to design a Fresnel zone plate antenna in HFSS. The design has two elements. (1) A plate having circular rings of different radii. It can be made by printed technology on RT/duroid 5880. and (2) horn antenna as a feed. My doubt is how can I simulate this complete design (plate+horn)? I have (...)
I need help in determining the length of coax and portcap for pyramidal horn antenna. I m using a SMA connector female 4 hole mount. Inner diameter 1.3mm and outer diameter 4mm. I m using HFSS.
hi i need some example about excitation of horn antenna with Coax i design horn with wave guide but i dont know how applying the coax feed pls send example about this
Hello friends, I need to calculate the scattering field by a sphere with TE wave in farfield. In experimental setup they have done with the transmitter and receiver as a horn antenna. Is there any provision for generating the TE wave. I need to calculate E field magnitude and Phase. friends please help me...
I am designing a horn antenna using coaxial n-type connector for feed.The design is such that the aperture of antenna opens in the z-direction. Now i wanted to apply the coaxial feed from z direction to the waveguide.Someone told me that i should not apply feed in z-direction when horn aperture is also oriented in (...)
a Gunn Diode in the waveguide feeding the horn, a vivaldi antenna mounted in the horn pretty much anything else is going to have some sort of probe it inject the RF into the waveguide Dave VK2TDN
Hi all! I really need help on simulating a planar reflector + the pyramidal horn. I've already built up the design, i used port waveguide as the excitation signal, and i set the boundary condition to symmetrical planes. I tried to use T! solver but at the end of simulation it said that the solver stopped because the maximum pulse of widths simul
I have a parabolic dish and a horn antenna.i dont know how to use the horn for excitation of parabolic dish in hfss.(also if i can find some text for excitations will be helpful)plz help me...
hi, can anyone please tell me how to provide excitation for a paraboloid antenna in hfss. Only fact known to me about paraboloid antennas is that the feed is given at the focus. You can use a horn.
I am starting using Feko and I have a little problem... I have designed a hornantenna feeded with a waveguide excitation. I would like to calculate the S-Parameters. When I simulate only the antenna, I donīt have any problem. Then I drew a dielectric Cuboid in front of the aperture of the antenna, I (...)
Hi all, Except the reflector antenna, what kind of antenna can have 25dBi gain at 12GHz, circularly polarized ? I guess it has to be the conical horn right (not rectangular) ?
Hi, I am an amateur antenna Design Engineer. Please guide me as i want to acheive circular polarization in case of conical horn antenna. Kindly guide with mentioning reference of text if possible. Thanks.
Hi, I am trying to simulate pyramidal horn antenna (60GHz) and than consider the field distribution at the different distances from the antenna using far field/near field wave excitations and ?source?, ?target? projects. While near field excitations works well, far field excitation gives (...)

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