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Hi, I have radiation pattern results from anechoic chamber which I need to plot. The data which I have are the XY, XZ and the YZ plan each with co and cross pol data. I did the necessary calculation using the horn antenna(source) gain values. Now, how do I calculate the total E field gain? Example, in XY co pol at 5GHz, I have 360 (...)
what is the required diameter of a conical horn antenna operating at 3Ghz with 14dBI gain? what should be the value of directivity for required gain? will you please help me out? All answers to your questions you can find in any antenna textbook, please try to find one. I do not understand what you really
noise figure of the antenna???? Is it a small beam corrugated horn ? In this case a calibrated radiometer and 2 temperature standard loads are required and the measurement is very difficult. "Difficult" means that the uncertainty is larger tha the observed value. Otherwise, in general and for all type of antenna, you (...)
You can simply connect the coax shield to one plate and the center pin to the other plate. Then assign a wave port on end of the coax line. Or you can use a lumped gap source in HFSS by drawing a rectangle between the two plates. Then you would need to assign it the impedance value. Keep in mind that since the TEM horn is a balanced (...)
Hello, there, Now I'm using HFSS to simulate a horn antenna. After I calculate the far field, how can I get the gain of the antenna and relative gain figure? Thanks a lot! BR saryee
You shall use a horn antenna and spectrum to measore the RF signal. Don't forget to calculate the pathloss, connector loss and cable loss. Then you can get a rough value.