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Hi please if any one knows how to do coaxial probe feeding please fix my feeding so it can be 50 ohms. uploading my design. waveguide excitation is not available here only connectors so kindly fix it for me. I have used hfss software for my design. The horn is a transition from a TE10 mode in a waveguide to fre
Hello everyone, I want to design a Fresnel zone plate antenna in hfss. The design has two elements. (1) A plate having circular rings of different radii. It can be made by printed technology on RT/duroid 5880. and (2) horn antenna as a feed. My doubt is how can I simulate this complete design (plate+horn)? I have already designed (...)
hi i need some example about excitation of horn antenna with Coax i design horn with wave guide but i dont know how applying the coax feed pls send example about this
Hello friends, I need to calculate the scattering field by a sphere with TE wave in farfield. In experimental setup they have done with the transmitter and receiver as a horn antenna. Is there any provision for generating the TE wave. I need to calculate E field magnitude and Phase. friends please help me...
First separate the coax feed from the horn. Model them separately at least at first. We assume you have set up the design boundaries, air box, etc. You excite the horn by selecting the waveguide end, and placing there a excitation port. At this stage you can find out all you need for the horn. I think the port (...)
Hi... I designed a pyramidal horn on hfss... I dnt know how to determine the boundaries and excitation ports... honestly I dnt know what boundaries must be assigned as radiation or whatever!! I know these information might be not clear!! but I really want to know if I have a complete project, how to know each boundary's type!?? (...)
I have a parabolic dish and a horn antenna.i dont know how to use the horn for excitation of parabolic dish in hfss.(also if i can find some text for excitations will be helpful)plz help me...
hi, can anyone please tell me how to provide excitation for a paraboloid antenna in hfss. Only fact known to me about paraboloid antennas is that the feed is given at the focus. You can use a horn.
Hi, I am an amateur antenna Design Engineer. Please guide me as i want to acheive circular polarization in case of conical horn antenna. Kindly guide with mentioning reference of text if possible. Thanks.
Hi, I am trying to simulate pyramidal horn antenna (60GHz) and than consider the field distribution at the different distances from the antenna using far field/near field wave excitations and ?source?, ?target? projects. While near field excitations works well, far field excitation gives completely unpredictable results. (...)