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Unless you put the COLD Side in a well Insulated Container, it is getting too much heat from the surrounding Air to get any Colder. Also the Warmer your hot Side Gets, The less the cooling on the Cold Side. If your Heat Sink is at 32 degrees, The Actual Peltier's hot Side will probably be closer to 40 Degrees. It is Better to run the Fa
Using iron pipe, fittings and residential water heater elements I have made steam cleaners. They do rust up pretty quick. I like to ground the body to the source AC earth ground lead, but the heater elements seem to be pretty well isolated from the fitting. The heater elements are usually discarded with the hot water heater tank (I harvest mine
I am testing this gate drive pulse transformer circuit but the top 2n2222 connected to positive rail runs hot the ground one runs cool should they not have used higher current transistors to drive s coil?. and should there not be a 1k resistor on its base as well as the other if anyone can help?. 131870[/ATTACH
Hi, Does anyone have any experience of using a Eurotherm (PID Controller) to control the temperature of a hotplate? I need a steady rise in temperature (linear) when the hot-plate is turned on as well need a steady settling temperature (linear) when I turn off the device. Is it possible to do so using a PID controller? If so any ideas? (...)
Hi can anyone pls explain to me what is hot n well layer and what is it used for?? Meaning i had an error when i the source potential of my pmos was larger than the bulk potential thereby current flowing from source to the substrate. After i used hot n well on top of the nwell surrounding the pmos the error (...)
The Nwell should be reverse biased and the normal junction leakage will always be present. However if you manage to take the PMOS source above the well potential the vertical PNP may turn on and multiply the S-B injected current with some S-sub current @ gain (probably not much gain, but still). Drain hot carrier / impact ionization might (...)
hi to all i made a driver with l298 and it work well , i parallel two channel ... my motor was 24v 300mA .. but recently i made another one just like last one ,but in new one my l298 get very hot .. the motors are same ... i have both of them now , in older one my l298 work without heating and in new one l298 get very hot and
"We", Kemo Sabe? I'd say well more than half of the high reliability ICs I've designed, have been on bipolar technologies. You can break either one, but MOSFETs have classes of reliability problems (oxide wearout, hot carrier, NBTI) in -normal- operation that BJTs simply don't. Vertical BJTs, anyway - laterals are exposed to a lot of low quality
hello i have just installed a new heater into my desolderiron. i am a little worried, i hope someone can help. before i installed the new heater, the old iron was not working so well, the tip was stuck, blocked, it was quite hot; but i do not remember the heater chassis getting hot at all. but as i recently bought it se
Altium ver 9x Is there an easy way to assign a hot key to change the font of a net label? I would like to change from size 5 to 8 and add BOLD I'm familiar with the find similar objects feature however this does not work well because the font attributes of all the net labels are presently the same and I want to change perhaps 50 out of
dear all , i have a big issue , i made circuit using 8051 to control 3 phase AC (380Volt) motor speed using firing angle it's worked well , but the problem is the motor speed is changed by control firing angle which control also voltage , but in this case the motor become very hot after 4 seconds from starting. i asked someone and he told me
The scene we're trying to measure is how to tell the difference between a hot stove element 4 to 7 meters away from that same hot stove element with a pan on fire on top. (It is for a low-cost fire prevention device.) While the device feature a camera for flame recognition, we're hoping to assist this with a well chosen amplification of very
It is a copy of well known amplifier with one speaker, power of 40W and two modes: drive and more drive. Schematic and the board were drawn in PROTEL. It is a copy of the original board. Most of elements like mains and speaker
Hi i know setup (worst),P=SLOW,V=LESS,T=HIGH.....hold(best) P=FAST,V=HIGH,T=LESS.if i am checking worst corner means i can say setup what is meant by COLD and hot corners. Can one explain??? can i say like this COLD corner means T=LESS so hold it correct r opposite means(COLD=setup check) because of some temp inversion(comes
Hi Gasant, is the supply circuit getting hot? Can there be any short circuit just before LM7808?
Suggested PCB footprints are related to an intended assembly method. For prototype production or other special requirements - change them at will. For single side assembly, simple hot plate soldering should work well with the suggested footprint, I think.
is this for data receiver margin testing or loop stability margin test or noise test?? an All Pass Filter Design, microstrip, stripline or coax? switch depends on test?? Can you use hot carrier schottky diodes?
What's the position you want to apply? Opamp is always a hot topic for analog.
For Nwell resistor, usually it is hot Nwell (is not connecting to the highest voltage). So a P+ guard ring around it is needed.
I've been trying to do the layout of a differential amplifier as my first layout. I fixed all the DRC errors, but "hot n-well". I know that it means the n-well is not connected to vdd, but in my case I think I connected it to vdd as you can see in the attached there something that I overlook or should I do something else to fix the error?

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