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have a look on this similar project google with HC-05 I have found two solutions by doing some research. Please shed light on both solutions 1.Connect the app to a web server which receives data using a WI-FI ROUTER from an arduino which is connected like in t
114529 In the code in the forward path when Q1 is high Q4 is toggled on and off. Is it possible to make Q3 do the opposite of Q4. i mean when Q4 is on Q3 should be switched off and when Q4 on it should be switched off. Is it a good idea to do so and if it is how would i do it?
Most of the balun types i have come across are not suitable for my design i.e a UHF dipole antenna for a nanosatellite. Surface mount transformer baluns have insertion loss and reflection which is normally acceptable but due to lack of power on the satellite we cant afford the loss. but these baluns are all wideband which is why they show bad perfo
you did neither attach a circuit nor explain the problem clearly. I suppose your a using a saturable core model and exceeding the saturation flux of the core. To start with a simple thing, I don't see how a 1:80 windings ratio can achieve 1:100 voltage translation?
if that's my input impedance how do i match it to a 50 Ohm TL using a 1/4 waveguilde? Don't start external matching yet. Optimize your feed first (match by moving the feed position). and a final question, if Z0=50 (my TL impedance) what's the Z0 that ADS LineCalc is calculating - 3.93
Hi I am designing PLL oscillator. I intend to use the MC12179 frquency synthezier, In the datasheet they five us the input impedance( real and imagine impedance) by grapth. But in order to simulate in ADS, how to get this one. I have measured the input impedance by measureing the S11 of the Fin pin, but only the imaginary is look the same like in

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