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How To Convert Digital To Analog In Matlab

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Hello guys I am new to matlab. I wanna convert a speech signal (analog) into digital form. how I can do it in matlab? I have read the speech signal in matlab using y=wavread('filename') that gives me the amplitude (data) and sampling frequency (fs) of the original signal (...)
m working on speech recognition project i want to convert my audio into .mat file using matlab code plzz help me out thanx can u plzz tell me how to convert an audio signal in .mat file . ie to convert an analog to digital it's very urgent
Hi all, Anyone knows how to build a DAC in matlab or simulink? Just a basic and simple one is good enough. What I want to experiment is to convert a digital signal to analog signal, and filter it by an analog filter. Thanks, cfy30
Hi, folks: I have a waveform from analog simulator, both time and voltage values are stored in a text file. The signal represented is a digital "1,0" stream. What wanted in matlab processing is the digital information carried in. how to convert them into a stream of one zero (...)