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How To Increase Voltage 12v Dc

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i am tryin to make a circuit through which i have to control a 12v dc motor. i am supplyin a 12v dc i/p. what should i do without using any transistor r amplifier to run a motor when light falls on ldr ??? That depends upon how you like to control your motor with LDR. options:- 1. Just on - off the motor in pres
Yes, you should look into using a voltage regulator. For a DC-DC converter, you'll only find devices that are stepping up, or down, typically not in a flat range around your desired output voltage. You may find a 12v to 3.3V converter pretty easily (and other voltages). Also, you could use an LDO (low-dropout) linear (...)
To upgrade for a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) need to add some rectifier (charger) - to convert AC power (from power grid) to DC power (to charge battery), supplementary controller - to control functions of rectifier (charger) to start or stop charging battery, how fast to change from grid power to battery power and for inverter when to s
Hi This is Tasbir. I want to know how it would possible to increase 5-12v? Which diagram will help me for that objectives? Plz help me by sending email to Regards Mr. Rino Tasbir