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Hello! I am new to Pspice. I want to simulate a circuit in Pspice but the model I have in my disposal, is a Verilog-A file. how can I make a model in Cadence from this file? Or... Can I import this file into my Pspice netlist somehow? Thank you!
You are getting overflow in device "gswitch" (used in model epc1010), during bias point callculation. Overflow typically means the expression in gswitch is returning exceptionally high values by virtue of exponentials used or getting the denominators very low. I tried your ckt with following settings to simulate it successfully. 1) using (...)
Hey everyone, Can anyone please tell me how to use the models generated from PTM in Pspice? how to input them? I mean shall I copy and paste whatever is generated and paste it somewhere? Thanks in advance.
Hello everyone, I am new to pspice and I need it to model a 22nm transistor. how can I do it and how to start? Thanks in advance.
Can any one tell me how build a cmos circuit by using pspice 16.5? how can I select a model, such as Vth, L,W,U?
Hi, Our team wants to design LED driver chip. But we do not know the confirmed flow in Cadence or other tools. For the LED driver circuit include some Discrete Element such as Transformer, optocoupler... These elements do not have good spice models for simulation(some have pspice model, but how to (...)
I'm wondering how to important spice code into a model file. Next, I want to be able to take that model file and create a block in Pspice that I can use. I have student version. My Specfic problem: I have spice code from data sheet: .SUBCKT FDD8880 2 1 3 ; rev April (...)
If you can find the pspice model you can use it in pspice. If your not sure how to do make a model from the a spice file refer to this link: Hope you're able to find the diode model.
Hi , I am new in Orcad I want to use IBIS model in the Orcad to simulate it by spice I download IBIS2spice to convertor spice but I don't know how can work with it also please find attached as AD9446.ibs. moreover, I am working with Orcad 16.2, I also opened this file in Orcad (...)
Hi, Do you know any paper describing basics of buildng model for elements in Pspice. For example I'd like to add input resistance of AND gate and did not find way to do it. Please recommend. Thank you
Hello I need to use certain transistor PC3388, and it has no datasheet on A.D.S, but i have its datasheet.. Can't I write its model for myself? In general, how can I write a Pspice model for A.D.S.? Is A.D.S. spice based simulator? Or Spectre? Or what? and how can i (...)
hello Clansman There is an element known as a current to voltage convertor in any version of spice. please kindly refer to the following page to know how to use it in your simulation. You can maybe add a low pass RC network to the output to model the single pole roll-off frequency response of an I to V or rather a (...)
Hi It is quite straightforward, I think it is easiest if you check example in help. Proteus uses spice3F5, I am not sure you can do all simulations in lite version. In ISIS go here: Help-Sample Designs- GRAPH BASED SIMULATION SAMPLES- there you can open spice1.DSN Example of how to use a 3rd party (...)
how do I simulate components like LM324, 555timer, etc? I can't find libraries of any components in ADS
I want to know the exact equations that simulation programs use in order to compute the characteristics of mos transistor for the spice model level=1,2,3 and the BSIM series. Are there any other models for mos?