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did you try to reverse the speaker polarity? If feedback is in phase at >unity gain, it will cause oscillation or howling. IF phase shifts 180 deg, at different f, but at a higher feedback, then a quality factor of non-linear response as AG indicated is your problem. Generally cheap mic's have background noise cancellation by having a balanced
You do not need a full duplex intercom when you use headphones. The circuit is designed to cancel acoustical feedback howling when you use loudspeakers. The circuit is doing what it is supposed to do which is to cancel your voice from coming out of your loudspeakers (your headphones). The original circuit is at and your circu
You did not describe the "background noise". Is it high frequency hiss, low frequency hum, low frequency rumbling or acoustical feedback howling? The design of the 741 opamp is 47 years old. It cannot produce high audio frequencies and was never intended for audio (maybe for a telephone?) so it is noisy with hiss and rumbling. Your circuit also
The howling is not caused by echoes. Instead the howling is caused by the speaker sound being heard by the microphone then is amplified. Since the telephone line has only two wires with transmission plus reception on it then the telephone circuit must use a hybrid circuit to cancel the feedback. Most cheap speakerphones use "voice switching" that m
If the microphone can hear the speaker then you will have acoustical feedback howling. Start with the microphone. Is it an electret type that has a Jfet inside and it needs to be powered or is it a dynamic type with a coil and magnet like a small speaker? The mic needs a low noise preamp. An LM386 is not low noise and is not a preamp, it is a power
This is a project of useful device for wild animals deterrence. It is a simple acoustic deterrent, which uses sound of barking dogs and howling wolves to scare animals. An old MP3 player was used in this device, the signal is amp
Hello All, I need to implement a simple voice amplifier. I have no flexibility on microphone or speaker location and I'm affraid I'll have acoustic feedback (howling). Is there some purely analog method or IC for acoustic echo cancellation? I wonder about hands free telephone operation.... Have they such kind of circuit? Thanks in adv
How the howling can happpen in telephone? Can anyone tell me. Now I am design one small telephone system.