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Hi You can find a good option control at hspice help document but I want to advise i another way. I think you should take a look at your circuits because convergence problem will occur when you have a high current in your circuits which hspice can stop it so hspice stop the simulation. if you find a place where make short between power (...)
Hello, I am trying to add a Discrete device (Vendor provided spice model ) to hspice. I have tried different type of devices to add to hspice but all the devices give same result. (Source voltage of PMOS follows the Drain voltage) and device is always turned on and leaking current. :shock: I have tried >200 voltage and <20 voltage PMOS (...)
Haiii, I have done the monte carlo simulation in hspice using 32nm technology. I used the code .param + mult1=1 + polycd=agauss(0,0.06u,1) xl='polycd-sigma*0.06u' + nactcd=agauss(0,0.3u,1) xwn='nactcd+sigma*0.3u' + pactcd=agauss(0,0.3u,1) xwp='pactcd+sigma*0.3u' + toxcd=agauss(200,10,1) tox='toxcd-sigma*10' + vtoncd=agauss(0,0.05v,1
here is my schematic 69025 I NEED TO find phasemargin of this circuit but it dont works as shown in picture 69024 but as you see the the volts db isnt 0 even when i expand 200 1k 100g! what is a problem? M1 2 12 1 1 NMOS w=70um l=1.2um M2 3 11 1 1 NMOS w=70um l=
How do I get a 1400 gain of the circuit? plz netlist hspice? 60498 60500
my hspice code is....... VGG 3 0 DC 2V VS 1 0 DC 0.1V vx 1 5 dc 0v *r1 1 2 5k *r2 1 3 5k *r3 4 7 5k *r4 5 0 5k *r5 8 6 5k *r6 8 9 5k *r7 10 0 5k QHBT1 2 3 4 0 HBT QHBT2 5 4 0 0 HBT MOS1 4 5 0 0 MOS w = 50u l = 0.5u .MODEL MOS NMOS( vth0 = 0.7v kp = 134u) .MODEL HBT NPN (level=11 IS = 1.2E-18 NF = 1 NR = 1 BF = 200 + BR = 5 VAF
hi, i need a low power rail to rail opamp with max 200 MHZ BW. i work in 0.35um and simulate with hspice 49 level CMOS. let design it. thanks.
Dear All, I am trying to implement BSIM3v3 in matlab but the results are not matched with hspice and even there are more than 200% error in some of the parameters. I can not find Nd parameter in any technology file or anywhere. Do you have any idea what should it be? I chose Nd=0.75e19 Cm-3 but it seems that it is not OK. Any help is h
can anyone again show me a complete hspice simulation script for this negative resistance simulation?
Hi, anhtuan, 1> for 2variables, you can use .dc+sweep 2> for much more, you can use optimize command, search .opt in hspice manual. good luck! fish
I designed very simple RC circuit like that. vac 1 0 ac 120v r1 1 2 200 r2 2 0 400 c1 2 0 10u lin 1 60 60 .print ac vm(1,2) im(r1) vp(1,2) vm(2) vdb(2) vm(1) .end when I run it in Pspice & hspice, the results is different. but I don't know why ------------------------------------------------------------ *hspice result

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