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hello, 120530 i have a problem in simulate above pic my problem is in clk because the work finish in 3 or 4 step how i insert clk and there place in pic and code in hspice for above pic i need it thanks
Hello all, I have a large RC network that I am simulating in hspice (on Linux). The voltage sources are all DC and the current sources are random PWL signals. I am trying to figure out the number of system solves that hspice is performing to finish the simulation. In the output generated on the terminal, (...)
first you need a installer to install the common and Linux file. After you finish the install, you need configure your shell configuration file. (bashed or cshrc ) you should specify the hspice path and license path
Dear guys, I am doing a project and I cannot find the model file of 0.35um in 50V. I have to use hspice to finish it. Can somebody helps me about my problem? Thanks a lot!!
once you finish simulation, what you can do it to go to the simulator window and you have an option to print operating point parameters, choose this option and you can see almost all the parameters. i agree that this is not convenient for those who are used to using hspice and eldo.