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The most probably You try to run 32 bits binaries on pure 64 bits system or vice versa. If You have 64 bits system You would have to install 32bit version of libc6 and libelf libraries. By using Midnight Commander internal viewer You are able to check version of tclsh binaries (command mcview (...)
Hello all, I have a large RC network that I am simulating in hspice (on linux). The voltage sources are all DC and the current sources are random PWL signals. I am trying to figure out the number of system solves that hspice is performing to finish the simulation. In the output generated on the terminal, (...)
Hello, I would like to know how to run hspice from linux terminal? I entered scripts/.... and then, what should I do to launch hspice? Thanks,
Dear all, I want to simulate a netlist test.sp which includes a veriloga file by this line: .hdl "./" and I run the hspice like this: hspice test.sp -o test and the simulator just halts there and won't stop! No any errors and no any messages. I (...)
Hello everyone I want to run hspice even after I log out the shell, so I want to use nohup command , Does anyone know how to use it? Thanks in advance
Hi every one. I am trying to run hspice in linux, using the command :" $hspice inputFile.sp > inputFile.lis" but it takes inputFile.sp as a command and says : command not found dose anyone know what should i do? P.S : I have found another command on (...)
I'm an analog designer and was considering set up a linux workstation to run some EDA tools, such as Cadence 5141, hspice, Calibre (DRC/LVS) and Matlab etc. I tried Ubuntu but too much trouble with older version EDAs. Any suggestions? Regards, Neo
I am simulating a LC oscillator using hspice in linux and wish to have the phase noise results. But i get the following error while running the simulation. Please help out as its very important. Thanks. Error: (CNTFET05w.sp:1) hnw error #: sequence error Error: (CNTFET05w.sp:1) hnw error #: sequence error
IC Cadence tools are only for linux. In Windows platform, Cadence only has CAD tools (PSpice, Orcad). For IC tools running on Windows you can use hspice Synopsys and Taner Layout.
Did anyone konw how to solve this problem? I have just install the hspice and configured the license in .bashrc on the ubuntu system, but the log of hspice is always: ****** hspice -- D-2010.03 32-BIT (Feb 23 2010) linux ****** Copyright (C) 2010 Synopsys, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (...)
Hi is your hspice linux version? It should have a executable file such as install.sp or so,check the readme files if it has run terminal ,login as root and execute the file ---------- Post added at 18:12 ---------- Previous post was at 18:10 ---------- By the way I need hspice on linux too, did you down
first you need a installer to install the common and linux file. After you finish the install, you need configure your shell configuration file. (bashed or cshrc ) you should specify the hspice path and license path
Hi~ I have windows ADS (2008) installed in my desktop and linux ADS installed in my department server. (2008 update 1) I simulate exactly the same structure, a LNA. From the ideal component to hspice model, the simulation results from the two versions are the same. But when I replace an inductor model to a s2p instance, using the (...)
Hi, I want to install hspice 2003 or hspice 2007 in linux? What should I do? Bests,
can possible to see the nanosim &hspice GUI in linux
Hi, I am new to linux/ubuntu. I installed wine and then installed hspice 2007.3. How would I redirect the license path in linux? also, where should it be re-directed to? thanks I would recommend you get hold of the linux version and use that, running native apps is always preferable (...)
Has anyone compared the lastest version hspice with the older one in terms of speed? i did a simple simulation using hspice 2007.03 and hspice 2004.03, using a same netlist, same tolerance settings, i didn't see any speed improvement, and the newer one is even 10 seconds slower. the resulting waveform is (...)
You can use gwave for watch all your graphics result of hspice simulations, but gwave also installs a command very useful that gives you the chance to change your graphics from .SW0, IC0, .tr0 etc to .dat, and then just load them with octave or matlab and plot lines VS columns. If you use octave, you can configure gnuplot (...)
Hello everyone Lately I've been trying to run hspice, but everytime I do so, I get a terminal message that says "KILLED". I went through all the documentation I have available but I couldn't find anything related to this problem. Does anyone know what's happening??? How can I fix this problem??? Thanks in advance, diemilio
I think Vmware is your best choice, I have installed RHEL as4,Calibre,hspice,IC5141,Soc42 in, all of the software work very well, and what's more I relly like it is that if you upgrade your hardware, you don't have to change anything. As my test, the performance of software running in Vmware is about 80% of running in real system.
simple I/O port 1. use s2ibis convert I/O spice file to Ibis sweep spice file . and you need hspice (linux or windows) can sweep Vcc & IO 2. run hspice sweep many case ..and usually have "not converge" 3. get ibis file 4. hspice use IBIS model simulation I/O (...)
I also encountered this problem, and my linux distribution is REDHAT as4, I remembered that we use hspice in REDHAT 7.3 / 8.0, no problem at all, expect someone can solve this and share the method.
we usually use synopsys hspice ..but hspice is expensive and very slow not convergence as I know other spice maybe better like ELDO smartspice tspice which one have windows+ linux versin ? which one have 64 bit version and which one is fast & accuracy and result is close (...)
I have been using ELDO since I moved into electronic industry. I have heard that hspice has a lot of convergence problems. I have virtually seen NONE so far in using ELDO. Has anybody found a convergence problem in ELDO thus far?
You can use CosmosScope to view the results. The linux version of hspice don't have awaves.
I need hspice in any version and its manual
I use cosmosScope + hspice 2005.9 on linux .. and many EDA tool I ever use from adit hsim nWave(debussy) ...etc I am use cosmosscope now (company only buy this tool ) 1. no small grid desiplay , for compare signal , use spiceExplorer can have vertial trace , I can compare manyanalog signal . 2. display too slow , when (...)
synopsys AE only support redhat 7.2 ..but hspice can work on redhat 8~9 aditspice work on redhat 8 , but 9 fail .. laker redhat 8 ok . a series proble is , new syopsys tools if you use new install tool , will need new Glibc on redhat . and redhat 8 /9 will fail on start license daemon . use redhat Enterprise or centOS is good id
By now, I think AMS Designer is the best simulator to handle verilog(d,a, ams) and spice(spectre or hspice netlist). The ams simulator comes from Cadence.
Some one has clamied that new version of hspice can simulate the Verilog-AMS modes! Is it a capability in general, I mean is it ready for Lin and Win versions or no, it is just for Galaxy product? Actually it was the same case for RF capability, you know that is available just in linux version not in Win version!
Hi K8 or Xeon already support 64bit , and use 64bit linux , I hope hspice have "64bit" version .. but 64bit version hspice will "fast" than 32bit on linux ?? who have benchmark about 64bit EDA performance ??
I got a output file from hspice ***.tr0 and I read it through nWave in linux. The question is : How to dump the waveform I selected in text format (readable format) ? such that I can make further post processing on the data ?
The statement .graph don't work in hspice linux, but meta.cfg have PLOTSETUP and PRTDEFAULT set. The hspice manual have this note: "You cannot use .GRAPH statement in the PC version of hspice". I have revised of hspice file binary and i think that is possible change (...)
Hi Notice to all Edaboard members Guru!! What did you think about to develope a customized hspice viewer for linux in this forum. I have readed some times ago about some tries too. tnx
I've tried several mixed-mode EDA tools, such as IC5033, hspice, and ADVANCEMS, on RH 8 and they're working pretty well.
How can hspice interface with ic5.0?
total 81 page .. compare vmware , win4linux , wine , cygwin , colinux .. I want to porting some EDA to linux , like Protel , workview ... and hspice --> hspice linux version no "awaves" .. I hope I can call awaves by WINE .. but not work (I know (...)
Hi I find soem hardware test report on techReport and other site is from website test , K8 is fast than Xeon much more but it base on general application , have anyone use hspice (linux or windows) run demo PLL circuit (and enlarge simulation time bec
Have anyone have experience on build linux server for EDA design ? my linux server should support 2~3 designer using EDA include hspice ... Q1: which CPU type have high C/P ration ? P4 or P4EE (Xeon - -> I think very expensive ) K8 or K7 and Intel P4 have high speed FSB .... I don't know which CPU (...)
could you give me the web ? linux edition.
As I knew, lots of them introduced gui interface for the next generation already on both unix and linux platform, such like smartspice, hspice(v2004), nanosim, adms...,etc. Regards,
Looking through the files I have found that most of the models only work with hspice and not spectre, what are these standalone models? i was using these before with spectre and I was getting wierd errors in thee simulations. I have managed to get Spectre working correctly using the TSMC 0.40u 4M 2P process but any other (...)
Hi, I have a problem with IC5 under linux. I have tried to simulate with hspice and not with spectre. But I found a problem: in whole cadence directory does not exist "hspice.exe" I lost one night to find a solution and I found this: in /bin exist only the "hspice" file (...)
Hi All, I've been wondering if there exists a linux EDA benchmark. Does anyone know of such a beast? I was thinking of something along these lines: hspice run synopsys synthesis run verilog run DRC run Some sort of X window test with EDA tools. Byte
I was trying to optimize my circuit design about one year ago using hspice NT and linux versions. In my experience, hspice under linux runs much faster and shows up fewer convergence problems. I did not benchmark the results systematically, so it is just my personal opinion.
Does 10K = 10.000 transistors ? If yes, forget it and use hsim or nanosim, for example. The run time is too long with hspice in any platform. Bastos
how about linux version? is hspice on linux still less models than other unix version?
HI Smash5 already support hspice level49 model , and I evaluation it , look like is ok (compare with hspice 2002.4) , Have anyone compare it with nanosim or powermill /starSim ??
which tools can i use easy to draw transistor level circuit schematic and can output spice netlist for hspice simulation in linux enviroment? i hope the tools can be easy get, free or cr*ck already.thanks Hi A. Oregano (Free for d/l) 1. Xcircuit (Free for d/l) 2. h**p://bach.ece.