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Hi, Anyone knows how to build a or/and/nor gate with VCVS in hspice commond line( hspice code)? The syntax is : Multi-Input Gates Exxx n+ n- gatetype(k) in1+ in1- ... ink+ ink- + x1,y1 ... x100,y100 But can anyone give me an example of two input OR (...)
hi i want to write a code of finfet in hspice but i wanna find a correct model of finfet same as BSIM-CMG i write this code and i wanna replace model of this code instead of 45nm & 20nm finfet code ** PTM-MG 20nm hspice Model Card for HP NFET ** Nominal VDD=0.9V * This is (...)
I am trying to understand the netlist used for stateye analysis with IBIS-AMI model in hspice. Below is the part of the netist form hspice example. P1 in 0 port=1 P2 out 0 port=2 + AMI_OBJ='' AMI_PARAM=SNPS_Rx.ami X1 in out CONN .stateye T='_BW' trf='0.1*_BW' incident_port=1 probe_port=2 save_tr=ascii .opt post ru
Hi, folks: I've got a question on Simulation DCO's. The DCO itself is out of the question. the problem is how to simulate a block (i.e. DCO) for linearity? for example suppose the the DCO have 6 input control bit, each code(e.g 010101) will generate sinusoid output at specific freq. to test linearity I should test all the codes, now (...)
Hello everyone, I have written the following code for my classwork. *CMOS NOT Gate **************************************************** .OPTION POST .INCLUDE 'C:\synopsys\NangateOpenCellLibrary_PDKv1_3_v2009_07\technology\models\hspice\hspice_nom.include' **************************************************** *Global nodes
can anybody give hspice code example for Monte carlo analysis,a simple example for an inverter or for basic gates. How to insert the Montecarlo anlaysis in a general 6T sram cell hspice code?
hi all how to design a ring oscillator with low phase noise? I want a example of hspice code. thank you. please help me.
Hi I need to convert NMOS/PMON from hspice (level 49) to PSpice. I did see the PDFs around but I still get errors. I run on PSpice 16.5 if it matters. It doesn't recognize the following parameters: m, ad, as, pd, ps, nrd, nrs, nrg, nrb. Also, anyone knows how to use the internal parameters? for example, I need: % w = 100u, and: % d
Hi everybody! I am using Synopsys hspice to analyze a circuit and I have a problem with the hspice parser for back-annotation. I have specified the spef file for the circuit it gives me the error "unfound instance" for each element of the hspice netlist. For example in my netlist I have the element: .SUBCKT dff4 CP D Q (...)
Hi, I am simulating an IBIS model in hspice..can anyone give a small demo example code for doing the same?
hi all, can anybody help me out in writing hspice code for calculating, bias co-efficient, kn, kp, k`(trans conductance), capcitant (c-v curve) and noise margin for MOSFET (nMOS, or CMOS) ... please give me if u have any example.. ... thank you.....
.include is a general thing. With this you can include any tipe of file (for example a netlist, or some other code). The inclusion is complitely blind and the inclusion is made exactly on the point you inserted the .include statement. With .lib , hspice is expecting to see the models for your devices. (...)
Hello Denismark. Can u give the example of ur inl.dat ? Want to see the dat format ? How do u output dat in hspice ? Regards.
I write spice code like this. this is juse example spice code to test noise simualtion problem is next picture I don't know How to plot like graph X axis is frequency... Y is noise.. I guess. but how to plot SQRT(s(V(onoise)*(V(onoise))) function? Yah, I know what does mean "SQRT" and V(onoise) * V(onoise) but I don't (...)
Hi I'm interesting to get GM transconductance as a GM-Vgs relationship by .DC sweep. Is this possible?? Thanks