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Hi I have worked out a sigma-delta modeulator, but I do not know how to evaluate its performance. Could you tell me how to get the SNR, by hspice or matlab are both ok. Thank you!! Ken
Dear all, How do using matlab to read output result of hspice simulator? Is FFT form or output voltage in every time variation files? Thanks a lot.
Can somebody tell me how to calculate Q of the active inductor using hspice or matlab? or gives me the formula that can calculate Q of the active inductor.thanks....
Hi, I have designed a second order sigma delta for sampling frequency of 12.8MHz and OSR=256 in hspice. I don't know how to calculate the SNDR. I mean how to set these parameters: input frequency,transiation step and N (# of fft points). Thank you in advance, tatakt
Hi, guys I have a problem when I want to see a DC sweep file like "x.sw0". Sometimes I can use the flie "x.sw0" extracted by Hpsice. Sometimes I can not and the error message from matlab is the following. However, I could see the transient result extracted by hspice. 1. One or more output arguments not assigned during call to (...)
I want optimize a circuit with Ga. therefor I need a link between matlab & hspice. can any one help me? thank u
you need a hspice toolbox, try the link
If i use hspice, how to do ? Can you tell me detail. Because i do this first. Thank you. please check the related topic in this board, such as "f I want to simulate the SFDR of a 8bit DAC" or use search SFDR in this board, u will find many useful documents.
One more question on the same subject. How to connect any pseudorandom generator to the circuit input to simulate noise in the transient analyzis? Varuzhan Generate a random vector in matlab, then export to a file and enter in pspice or hspice as a PWL voltage source. Bastos
I'm using hspice toolbox to deal with the file from workstation,but error occurs. that tr0 is binary file and can enter the matlab normally if born in local computer. I can't understand why,thank you!
Does some one have complete hspice deck, including post-processing for middlebrook stability test. Standford slides call matlab for post processing, I want it in hspice. Thanks.
I am designing a pipeline ADC and I want to simulate the INL & DNL of the ADC by hspice and matlab. I will highly appreciate you if you can give me some advises about this analysis!! I used to read an article from Maxim. I have many problems about this article. 1) In the article it suggest us to add a sine signal to the ADC input. How about t
u may generate it using vec file in hspice
Why not implement it in hspice?
How to simulate the phase noise of VCO ? Using hspice or matlab ? Anyone has some matlab M-file or simulink file on this subject ?
I do not know much about hspice or B2 Spice (I used Cadence Spectre), but what is the problem with getting the data from B2 Spice?? Doesn't it support sampling and printing data to file? About moving from B2 Spice to hspice - it should not be a problem if you have transistor models for hspice for your technology.
could you give me the web ? linux edition.
hsim / nanosim / aditspice is fast than hspice , but I ever try it I find no initial state , 3 tool have difference locking time , and hspice will "un_lock" (postsim include many RC ...) on worst case MODEL who can provide matlab simulink code about PLL model ? I am learn simulink know , but I want to get some simulink model (...)
I use SuSe8.1 with IC50, hspice, matlab, Modelsim and others. So it works !!!
in my case I use: 1-matlab/simulink for system development and simulations 2-hspice for circuit level simulation 3-Cadence Schematic Composer for full schematic 3-Virtuoso for layout, DRC LVS and extraction 4-Nanosim, Hsim for top level simulations 5-Calibre for final DRC and LVS bastos