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I run hspice from matlab. I have a program for optimization where I need to run hspice many times consecutively. After every simulation the pop up window appears And i need to hide the popup windows because that makes the program run slower I read a post that says just putting /min (...)
I tried to simulate a phase locked loop circuit in hspice and then in matlab. When I simulated the PLL, designed in hspice, in Simulink, I copied the parameters such as lpf transfer function, vco input sensitivity, vco quiscent frequency of the hspice circuits onto the blocks in Simulink. Yet the capture range was very (...)
Hi, How to view the hspice measurement results of file in matlab?? I have tried using the hspice toolbox,however, it only takes .tr, such files and not file.
Hello i need help how can i do hspice - matlab interface? thank you so much
Hi, We generally simulate PLL system behavior and calculate loop parameters first by using tools like matlab or others, then start to realize the circuits. After that, we check the step response or phase noise on transistor level of the PLL with tools like hspice or Spectre. Here are my questions: 1. matlab simulation is based on l
Perhaps you can find the scripts here in the hspice Toolbox for matlab?
hello.i want to optimize a circuit with an evolutionary algorithm.i should write the algorithm by matlab and the circuit simulated by hspiceRF with 0.18μ my question is:which version of hspice does have hspice RF?and how can i find the hspice model files for TSMC RF CMOS 0.18um? thanks (...)
what geom97 has put for download is good for windows xp and 2000. those who are working with windows 7, download this one! It worked for me. just follow the instructions in the pdf file.
Hi every body, I am using hspice simulator. I need high quality picture from the simulations. How can I export that? And may I use matlab to draw the results from .lis file? How?
The launching code as follow system('E:\Synopsys\hspice_F-2011.09\BIN\hspice techchar.sp > techchar.out'); After simulating, techchar.out is not created. I don't know why. ************************************************************************************************************** original code is from ee214b murmann % /usr/class/ee214
Hello I have analysed a CMOS PLL with hspice. I have tried transient analysis and printed the output data in a txt file. Then I have used matlab for fft analysis of this txt file. Now, I want to calculate phase noise of the PLL. How I can do this? Is there any matlab function or SIMULINK block to do this? Tnx
Try set ".option delmax=20psec" in hspice.
Hi I have a file which is like: $DATA1 SOURCE='hspice' VERSION='D-2010.03 32-BIT' .TITLE '* inverter' index vdd vtp vtn lgate power temper alter# 1.0000 0.7500 -0.7100 0.350
Hi guys, I am simulating 3bit ΣΔ ADC using hspice. a 3bit-flash quantizer used in ΣΔ ADC. how can implementation ideal thermometer coded DAC in hspice (using control voltage sources) to convert 7 thermometer code to one output for return the data to matlab, and calculating SNDR SFDR ,........... thank you (...)
hi all I design sigma delta modelator by matlab and hspice but output of noise shaping not correct in hspice!!! there are images of noise shaping outputs. can help me? [img
I'm an analog designer and was considering set up a linux workstation to run some EDA tools, such as Cadence 5141, hspice, Calibre (DRC/LVS) and matlab etc. I tried Ubuntu but too much trouble with older version EDAs. Any suggestions? Regards, Neo
Hi. I must to design a cyclic ADC and after few weeks I found that my comparator has an offset error so I want to test this parameter with hspice. at first i design a 3-bit flash ADC with hspice but amount of SINAD that matlab show me is incorrect and give me about 22db. can you help me to correct this error and can you recommend a (...)
Hi, We are trying to design a Delta Sigma ADC. As you might know, Delta Sigma ADC consists of a Delta Sigma Modulator and a filter. We have designed the Delta Sigma modulator using hspice tool and now we want to design the Sinc3 filter using matlab. Could you kindly help us in understanding and designing SINC3 filter. Our original input was
Hi all, I would like to know if there is a way to plot histogram or scatter plots from the results of Monte carlo analysis in hspice. If there isn't anyway please suggest ideas to do so. Thanks in advance.
hi i am working on interfacing systems for accelerometer.. i coded in matlab . now i need to do it in hspice. need help on designing a second order sigma -delta modulator using hspice.. I HOPE SOME ONE CAN HELP ME WITH THE SAMPLE CODE PLEASE... REQUIRE URGENTLY.. PLEASE MAIL TO: thanks