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Hi, Anyone knows how to build a or/and/nor gate with VCVS in hspice commond line( hspice code)? The syntax is : multi-Input Gates Exxx n+ n- gatetype(k) in1+ in1- ... ink+ ink- + x1,y1 ... x100,y100 But can anyone give me an example of two input OR gate? Y=A OR B. (...)
Hello, I have to simulate a circuit with a transient analysis (.tran) and I need to sweep a testing parameter. This way I will already have 2 sweeps nested one in time and another parametric. My problem is: I need to perform calculations between the output signals generated in the parametric iterations. For example: .tran 1n 100u sweep MyPara
I am simulating the PLL with a couple of digital signal feedback loops inside. The feedback loops have multiple stable states so the circuit could jump into either of them when the Silicon is powered up. However, it is hard to identify all of these states in simulation. These multiple stable states depend on the initial conditions of the circuits.
Use W-Element as hspice compatibility ability of Agilent ADSsim. W_Element (multi-Conductor Transmission Lines) - ADS 2009 - Agilent EEsof Documentation Center
pspice is mainly for pcb designs, so if you are doing pcb design then pcb is ok. But if you are doing chip level design, then I am not sure that pspice can solve such issues. I would suggest you to use hspice,hsim or spectre. Please let me know the IEEE article name that you are referring to.
Hi Iam Alaa Bani Irshaid i wana ur help about how i can make sweep DC or Ac analysis for several parametric variable at the same time i mean like measure the gain of mosfet inverter for differ values for the width of both MOS at the same time w1 w2 10u 20u . . . . . . 100u 90u
hspice doesn't know the parameter nf. Did you check if your pch3 and nch3 models know both parameters m & nf? If not, you have to use w=500000 (resp. w=300000). In pre-layout simulation this shouldn't make any difference. For post-layout simulation, the foundry-provided extractor runset (extract rules)
I'm using hspice 2008.09, windows version my netlist contains 2 .alter before .end According to the manual, I could split all the 3 cases in to 3 CPU by using -mp such as hspice.exe -i netlist.sp -o -mp BUT, the hspice window appears shortly and closes with nothing done. If I do not use -mp, the 3 cases will done sequencely. Is (...)
Hi,I have a multi-stage charge pump circuit, I want to know the relationship between stages and pumped votage,that is to say, X-axis of the figure is pumping stages and Y-axis is output voltage,how to simulate it ? BTW,I simulate the circuit in hspice. Thank you!
Dear all, I am using hspice 2008.03 for my simulations. I know this version is very fast, but I still needs more speed. Does anyone know how to improve the simulation speed? Is there any option that may lead to more simulation speed? My CPU is coure2Dou. I want to know if I use hspice-multi-task, my simulation speed improves further or (...)
I have a problem about simulating OSC with hspice. The netlist are as follow: .tran 0.01u 15u With this netlist,it works better and Avanwaves could show the the right waveform. But when changing it to".tran 0.001u 15u",or altering "0.01u" into anyother value,it also works better,but Avanwaves could not show the the right waveform. That
How to do AC simulation in spectre or hspice? Break every place?
it seem that 2007.09 support vista hspice 2007.09 - Major Enhancements in Sept 2007 Release Performance, Convergence & Accuracy Improvements multi-CPU .ALTER support Improved auto convergence Faster netlist read-in Design for Yield - Variability Analysis Spatial variation support Subcircuit parameter support Board & Package
as I know hspice can use hspice_mt and assign 2 cpu .. but I nevry find speed up . and I use sweep parameter ( .temp 30 50 ) and I find hspice_mt fisrt assign CPU 0 , and second assign CPU 1 , not parallel simulation why ? Added after 41 minutes: I find problem on circuit .. hspice_mt is suit f
Hi "gatetype(k) May be AND, NAND, OR, or NOR. The value of k is the number of inputs of the gate. The x and y terms represent the piecewise linear variation of output as a function of input. In the multi-input gates only one input determines the state of the output. " regards
Today,I have simulated a single-ended differential amplifier with hspice. I use one netlist file(i.e. one *.sp file) to multi-analysis ,so i make use of the "alter " sentence. the netlist is as follows: *differential single-ended amplifier test .lib "E:\hspice\model_csmc6\H06MIXDDCT02V21.LIB" TT .subckt damp p n vdd vss vbias (...)
In general, the spice matrix solution does't like high impedance nodes with no path to ground. For instance, two capacitors in series may not converge. I don't know how the component is made in hspice but you might try large resistors (multi megohm) to ground at the point where the transmission lines connect together. That should not affect your
I use ELDO instead of hspice. Spectre is more convenient in use. But ELDO is faster.
hspice not support measure large current, some design have leakage cuurent , we usuall trace it from Top (becuase analog have multi power ) if hspice can set some current probe condition , measure some "large current" for examples Top - A - A1 B - B1 --B2 -B3 maybe leakage on B3 or other (...)
I don't think that Spectre RF support multithread simulation. hspice does