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Hello Which company produces hspice softeare? Can it be used for RF simulations? For example, can it be used for Phase noise analysis of an oscillator?
Hi: I am trying to perform noise analysis on a cmos amplifier circuit with hspice. I want to measure the contribution from each transistor by using some commands in hspice, but I can not find an example. The only way I can get this figure is to use Awaves, in which a variable "nt(mn)" represents the (...)
hspice manual wrote: .noise v(out) v(in) inter For example, I'd like to simulate the MOSFET noise contribution to PLL. v(out) is the VCO's out. How to add v(in)? I am able to calculate it using Razavi's fomular while the result is not accurate and the noise parameters in spicemodel are not uesd. (...)
How to simulate the noise performance using hspice ? When I run transient analysis in hspice , can I view the noise from the waveform ?
Can somebody tell me how to use hspice to find the noise figure of a LNA? Beside that, how to test the stability of that LNA using hspice? Thank you.
.noise in cadence or hspice you can get it through artist
When you do an AC simulation hspice computes the input and output refered noise. It puts the integrated noise in the output *.lis file. bastos