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Hi, I'm learning hspice. I want to do generate the optimized result for the circuit while sweep on a few variables(more than 3). Is there anyway that we can do this at the same time? .tran xxxx sweep data=datax .tran xxxx sweep optimize = Opt1
Hi How to apply Monte-Carlo simulations to find optimum size of a circuit like flip-flop in hspice? Thanks
Dear all. Recently I have started designing a radio frequency amplifier based on dual-gate MOSFET BF998. I have simulated it in hspice simulation software, designed input and output matching networks. Unfortunately, This is a four-parameter problem which is suitable to be solved by optimization technique. I need to optimize three inductors and one
hello.i want to optimize a circuit with an evolutionary algorithm.i should write the algorithm by MATLAB and the circuit simulated by hspiceRF with 0.18μ my question is:which version of hspice does have hspice RF?and how can i find the hspice model files for TSMC RF CMOS 0.18um? thanks (...)
how can i optimize an opamp circuit using hspice ? i need help to optimize transistor more accurately using hspice..?
There should be one (usually big) .dat file in the project directory (maybe the file is hidden). That is the output file. Also, have you tried using the Orcad transistor model with hspice?
Hi, all Now I 'm design a APLL and I want to optimize bandwidth for minimize phase noise, the phase noise of PFD and VCO are necessary. but the output of PFD&charge pump is a discrete singnal, how to simulate the phase noise of PFD and charge pump in hspice? thanks in advance!
I'm trying to get hspice to optimize a model to measured characteristics, and when I give the parameter list to optimize, in the .lis file it says: ** warning - opt1 not a valid Monte Carlodistribution,parameter will default to the nominal value. more than once, one for every parameter I try to optimize. (...)
Hi, In Cadence you can sweep a few variables at the same time. So can we do it in hspice?
hspice RF has HB analysis engine nut MWO , ADS , have , and they have the system behavioral model components but hspice has no such block khouly
The spice description as follows: .lib ?ls35_4_1.l? tt .option post probe .param Cload =10p .param Tpw=opt1(0, 0, 15n) .model optmod opt method=passfail .tran 0.1n 20n sweep optimize=opt1 + result = Tprop + model = optmod .measure Tran Tprop Trig V(in) Val=2.5 Rise = 1 + Targ v(out) Val=2.5 Fall = 1 vcc 1 0 5 vin in 0 pulse(0 5 1n 1n
I simulated a 5 stage ring oscillator, and measured the propagation delay per stage. But how can I use hspice to optimize the propagation delay? To get the minimum dealy? How can I do it? use which command in hspice?
I want optimize a circuit with Ga. therefor I need a link between matlab & hspice. can any one help me? thank u
I was trying to optimize my circuit design about one year ago using hspice NT and LINUX versions. In my experience, hspice under LINUX runs much faster and shows up fewer convergence problems. I did not benchmark the results systematically, so it is just my personal opinion.