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Hello all, I have a large RC network that I am simulating in hspice (on Linux). The voltage sources are all DC and the current sources are random PWL signals. I am trying to figure out the number of system solves that hspice is performing to finish the simulation. In the output generated on the terminal, (...)
Hello everyone I want to find gate leakage current in 45nm cmos model. I have found some sample for calculating leakage current but they are not work correctly. Here is my code: spice deck .inc '../' .inc '../' .inc 'AND2_X1.sp' vcc 1 0 1 v1 vs 0 1 v2 vd 0 0 X1 vs vs out 1 vd AND2_X1 c1 0 (...)
I am trying to simulate basic circuit "knowing characteristics of memristor" here is my code: * circuit .SUBCKT memristor Plus Minus + Ron=100 Roff=16K Rinit=11K D=10N uv=10F p=10 * DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION MODELING * Gx 0 x value={I(Emem)*uv*Ron/D^2*f(V(x),p)} Cx x 0 1 IC={(Roff-Rinit)/(Roff-Ron)} Raux x 0 1T * RESISTIVE PORT OF THE
Hello, everyone. I?d like to know the threshold of the MOS transistor. And I found the ?.print vth()? or ?.print lv9()? can give the threshold voltage. But 1) What does the output value of the .print lv9(Mxx) mean? Is it the same as the VTH0 in the lib? 2) why does the threshold voltage changes in a .DC sweep? when VIN sweep from 0 to 1v, t
A Low-Voltage, Low Quiescent current, Low Drop-out Regulator,AN AREA-EFFICIENT CMOS BAND-GAP REFERENCE CIRCUIT FOR LOW SUPPLY VOLTAGES,,,A Low Power VLSI Implementation for JPEG2000 Codec
I am not sure you can get current noise directly out of hspice from the simulation, but the post processing may be able to do it. Ways round it may be: 1. add a current source with zero AC/DC values in series with the point you want to measure and define that as the current source for the noise (...)
please see below example, simulate in hspice and it will generate a .sw0 file .you can read that file in waveform viewer. this example gives u direct VI characterstics of subckt(MOS). you need not use .alter as hspice allows two voltage sweeps ( see .dc statement below). in ur example u have used .print isub(x1.nvd) it should be isub(xnmos.nvd
Hi everybody! how to simulate the output impedance vs frequency curve of cascode current mirror using hspice? ths
I(vdda) of a dc-dc chip is 2.6mA in hspice simulation (typical corner ,60deg). But after tape out, I(vdda) of this type of chips is around 2.9mA in test(many chips is tested). I want to ask :This is OK? Maybe leakage current on chip? thanks! This 300uA difference is important for us.Because in light load case,to improve effiency ,We (...)
when we simulatie the circuits in hspice ,we could find out the concrete results in the *.lis file,such as the data of the nodes' voltage or paths' current.However when I do the simulation in the spectre, I don't know where is the result data.Only do I find out the results in the wavescan or waveform.Does it have the result (...)
use .FFT 'V(out)*V(out)' ...... to see the power spectrum? 3x certainly no ...the power=voltage*current not voltage *voltage in this link you can find all you need abot hspice
In noise simulation in hspice, if use: .noise v(out) vin 10 .print noise inosie onoise you will get the voltage noise at node "out". but i want to get the current noise of any MOSfet. How I could do to get the current noise, not the voltage noise? Thank you!
How to simualte the regulator stability with hspice?