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I run hspice from matlab. I have a program for optimization where I need to run hspice many times consecutively. After every simulation the pop up window appears And i need to hide the popup windows because that makes the program run slower I read a post that says just putting /min (...)
Hi I have problem creating hspice netlist from Cadence ADE virtuoso 615. When I open ADE window --->simualtion-->Netlist--->Create. I can not click on any subtree under Netlist (Create, Display, Recreate) . If anyone has this problem before please show me how to solve it. I install cadence on ubuntu 12.04 and it works well until suddently crash to
Does anybody know how to calculate read and write delay for 6T sram using hspice. here is my hspice code for read and write. *sramcircuit.. .lib "45nm_model.txt" cmos_models *.temp=80 *.global vd vdd *.param vd=1.2 vdd 1 0 dc 1.2 vwl 6 0 pwl(0n 0 50n 0 51n 1.2 110n 1.2 111n 0 140n 0 141n 1.2 190n 1.2 191n 0 210n 0) vwl1 7 0 0 vwl2
Hello, When I run Virtuoso, there is one error in CIW window like that: *Error* load: can't access file - "/home/eda/cadence/ic614.hotfix/tools.lnx86/dfII/home/eda/synopsys/hspice_vE-2010.12/hspice/hspice.ini" DO you know how to fix it, how can we configure location of hspice.ini to avoid this error? Thanks
For the ADS simulation it's OK, I have already made it. But now I need to use hspice and compare the results of ADS ans hspice. I wants to make a study on the tools of simulation of LNA. Ok! now i can understand better your problem, but not totally. ADS is done! OK! What are the other tools that you are using to co
Hey dudes, I've designed a sigma delta modulator in hspice and I wanna Calculate its SNR in Spice Explorer. How should I set the values for it in FFT window that opens up for me? IS there a rule or formula? Thanks
Have you tried redirecting the output to a log file:unix('hspice netlist > hspice.log')
Hello, I run hspice from matlab. I have a program for optimization where I need to run hspice many times consecutively. After every simulation the pop up window appears and after while disappears. This is very disturbing. Do you know how to disable this window? Josef
One more tip, If you want to use level49(hspice model) for LTspice, you've better change these. WINT=WINT (old one) - 0.5*XW LINT=LINT (old one) -0.5 *XL for example, if your level49 model is like that, .... .... +NCH = 8.8286E+16 LLN = 1 LWN = 1 +WLN = 1 WWN
I'm learning to use cadence, but a little confused about adding .lib tech file to cadence. Is there some simple way to add it just like hspice? Really appreciate your help.
This is how a sample hspice template from bisection algorithm looks like, i was using it to measure setup time. please note that u need to select the window size properly to get accurate results. Nav ------- Sample Template ------- * DFF_top Bisection Search for Setup Time .lib '/path of models/model.lib' corner_type .include 'Extract
I'm using hspice 2008.09, windows version my netlist contains 2 .alter before .end According to the manual, I could split all the 3 cases in to 3 CPU by using -mp such as hspice.exe -i netlist.sp -o -mp BUT, the hspice window appears shortly and closes with nothing done. If I do not use -mp, the 3 (...)
Sorry, I never use hspice before.......
Hi dear all friends, i designed open loop SH circuit for 10bit resolution with Fs=200MHz.i want to measure SNR of this block but i confused. when i export oputput of hspice to matlab, SNR is so dependent to windows that used for SNR calculation .I would be appreciated if any body give me some information.which window i must use in (...)
Hi I cant use the hspice 2007.03 with windows Vista! what can I do? any one have the same problem? regards
I think Vmware is your best choice, I have installed RHEL as4,Calibre,hspice,IC5141,Soc42 in, all of the software work very well, and what's more I relly like it is that if you upgrade your hardware, you don't have to change anything. As my test, the performance of software running in Vmware is about 80% of running in real system.
once you finish simulation, what you can do it to go to the simulator window and you have an option to print operating point parameters, choose this option and you can see almost all the parameters. i agree that this is not convenient for those who are used to using hspice and eldo.
Hi, dear friends, I am doing a Monte Carlo simulation for my hysteresis comparator to analyse the mismatch effect on the width of the hysteresis window. There are 2 questions. First, I set the width of one of my differential pair transistors as something like Gauss(,,,),and I sweep it for 60 times. To my surprise, the samples not ranger equall
what is level 4 for analog office for , is it bsim3 or which model ads can translate all hspice models to the model for ads khouly
yes, running hspice in ADE need hspice license for interface to CDS. Specially, In ic5141, you can use hspiceD, but that still need a licence to support the interface between them.