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Do not use hspiced with IC. Synopsys provides HSPICE integration in ADE now. Just refer to the HSPICE ADE integration manual to learn how to set up. With HSPICE integration you can access more simulation types in ADE. This is highly recommended.
In the ADE, click on SETUP then, Simulator/Directory/... Finaly select set your simulator to hspiced.
i have a circuit constucted by veriloga symbols and mosfet. When i simulate it in hspiced simulator , the system prompt "Netlist Error: Formatter method nlIncludeVerilogaFile not defined." "Netlister: There were errors, no netlist was produced." ...uncuccessful. What should i do to solve the problem? Hope for your helps! Thanks a
Good evening, I am new with cadence. I use the following commands to lunch it : > > tcsh > > cd workdir > > icfb& Now I want to use hspice thus I makes the extraction of the netlist of my schematic according to a hspiced simulation then I save it under .sp Now, I want to modify this netlist then to appeal to Hspi
I want to use Goldengate simulator in Cadence.I can't understand what you want to mean at all. Use correct terminologies. See "ggUserTraining" directory. Agilent GoldenGate simulator is launched from Cadence ADE just sames as "hspiced", "ADSsim", "spectre", etc. Curr
Hello Every one, I want to generate netlist of my circuit (made in virtuoso) with eldo. Can I know how could I do it and is how to convert my spectre(.scs) file to eldo/hspice . Thugh there is hspiced option in cadence there is no option for PSS, PAC, etc. what has to be done for the analsys to be made in eldo Thanking you, Ramesh
I used the switch component from analogLib for spectre simulation and it's ok but I'm now using hspiced as the simulator and there's no hspiced view for "switch" in analogLib. anyone knows how to fix this netlisting issue?
Deas, The bus signal name is changed to xx<1:0> to xx_0,xx_1 when generating netlist with Cadence hspiced. Could the name keep no change(still xx<0>, xx<1>) with some settings? The version of Cadence is IC5141. Thanks in advance.
I am a student, working on Digital IC design. When I used Nanosim for Post-Layout simulation, it generates a lot of state comparison errors. The inputs to Nanosim are 1. hspiced netlist generated from Cadence Virtuoso extracted view from Layout. 2. Vector file generated from VCD file (obtained by NCVerilog simulation of the verilog gate-level
I am working on Nanosim Simulation with a hspiced netlist generated from Cadence ADE. The simulation stalls at the step given below. DC Initialization Initializing level 0 ... I added the following line to skip dc initialization in the *.cfg file. The initialization operation is postoned at the start of simulation by the below command, I thi
Dear All. I want to extract a spice netlist on virtuoso schmatic, but there is no hspiced or hspiceS view in my lib. In this case, How can I extract spice netlist? Please help if someone has same experience.... Thanks in advance
Hello, I'm a student working through an introductory VLSI course at my university using the NCSU 1.6 beta PDK. The divaEXT.rul set uses NCSU_Analog_Parts kit included to extract my layout information for simulation and this kit does not have information for hspiced. We use a workaround (hspiceS) and then manually edit the generated netlist whi
hi all wen i am trying to run hspiced in cadence virtuoso environment its not running do anyone knw y tht is . Does only spectre run on it.
use transistor from analogLib use ADE use hspiced simulator interface no try OSS Simulation Enviromnet export CDS_Netlisting_mode="Analog" in bash, before.
Try hspiced Make sure you have hspiced view in your PDK.
hspiced ! Don't you mean HSPICE ? Can you attach the FFT result figure ? Anyway, the only reason to have distortion is a design error in one of the blocks. For example: - Do you use S/H ? If yes, have you simulated it standalone (with its load, of course) ? Do you see any relevant distortion there ? - Are you sure that the folding stages ar
in cadence,hspiced's setting items are very few.if i simulate a sigma delta modulator,the simulation files quickly occupy nearly one GB size. but with spectre,there is no such problem,we can make it does not save allpub. i'm not familier with these tools,maybe this is very simple
I use hspiced simulator for generating hspice netlist( IC5141 ). My netlist has a big problem in subckt definition. I want like below ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .subckt inv_p a y inh_vdd inh_vss pw=default_value nw=default_value ----------------------------------------------
yes, running hspice in ADE need hspice license for interface to CDS. Specially, In ic5141, you can use hspiced, but that still need a licence to support the interface between them.
hspiceS - Hspice with soket interface hspiced - Hspice with direct interface From Analog Circuit Design Environment User Guide "Cadence has integrated simulators into the analog circuit design environment in two ways: Interfaces that use the direct simulation approach This is the preferred approach. With direct simulation, the netlist