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Is Wifi signal harmful to human body? World Health Organization Electromagnetic fields (EMF) Base stations and wireless technologies
i'm final year biomedical engineering student! i'm working my FYP!! my work is to design a multi- parameter human vital sign measuring device. the parameters are blood pressure,heart rate and body temperature! the project is embedded project. i use sensors micro-controller(pic18f452) and a display unit(LCD) to my design. i (...)
Hi I want to calculate the SAR for microstrip antenna with coaxial cable on human body phantom with HFSS. I dont know how calculate the SAR with HFSS. and I dont know how a microstrip antenna with coaxial cable are placed on human body phantom. please help me:cry:
Hello. I am doing a prototype to register vibrations created by the human body by the use of 2 accelerometers. Everything works fine and it is able to register the vibrations that is created by the heart. I have a high pass filter to filter out the DC component of the signals at 0,5Hz but no low pass filter so this introduces some noise (...)
antenna is something that happens while getting fabricated esd occurs after chip gets fabricated when a machine/human body touches the IC. hope this is useful
Which ever potential DC or AC is hazrdous to humans beyond a certain level. It highly depend on diffrent body resistances through which the potential is grounded. By the way as AC is fluctuating in cycles, is less harmfull compared to DC which stays constant. Pranam
HBM has different standards (targets) for an IC and is typically 2000V to 4000V simulating the charge that a human body can accumulate and then discharge into an IC by touching one of the pins. Modern IC assembly does not use humans in contact with the ICs but the HBM is still a major (...)
Is there any human model/dummy human available on the market, which serves the purpose of testing on-body antennas? Unlike those simple human models in appareal shops, materials involved in human body should be approximated fairly to enable accurate characterization of (...)
Sound localization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Engineering Acoustics/The human Ear and Sound Perception - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
hi everyone, just wanna know more about how thermistor and ld35 work. which one is more suitable for human temperature measurement? and how do i measure if im using thermistor and the way ld35 measure the temperature. by skin contact to human body? or how? and (...)
but in case the antenna is near other lossy objects like human body, the power radiated would be decreased due to losses (due to power absorbed by human body), but S11 should remain the same. Is this correct? Please confirm. S11 will change when the antenna is near other objects. Some (all?) cell phones have buil
Expert System: A system which employs human expertise captured in a CBIS to solve problems which usually require human expertise. An expert system either supports or automates decision making in an area of which experts perform better than non experts. It is also known as "Expert Computing Systems", or "Knowledge Based Systems". [/Q
I think this is possible with Xfdtd. Their website has examples showing a human body model in various situations with calculations of fields and sar in the tissues. hope this helps.
To detect a human body, the PIR suits well. But for determining the location?...May be one or more may be used...I guess...This system is implimented in a popular brand of Airconditioners which effectively cools in the direction it finds a human body...But never studied how this is done.
Hi, I'm doing a project for acquiring ECG signals. I've done probe with Ag, which is interact with human body(chest and leg). I need a good cable to connect the probe to the Amplifier with a low noise reduction. Please somebody give me the good choice! Thanks in Advanced! Added after 4 minutes: Is it
Hi, Anyone has information about calculating Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by using Finite-Difference Time-Domain for a specific part of the body (for example head)? I have some papers about this topic, but want to know how should i start? This is what i understood from the papers: First i should have a human body model (...)
there is a vhf station on a hill which is abt 0.5km from my office. I would like to know whether there is any effects of this vhf station to human body in long term. pls advise.
hi Friends, I am doing a research by which i will deduce the effect of the electromagnetic waves of the GSM900 and 1800 on the human body. my problem is i am using a spectrum analyzer but i am not sure if it is correctly give the results of the measurements. i hope if there are some engineers worked with this spectrum analyzer to (...)
Hi i'm using Xfdtd, with human body model. i wanna calculate power dissipation in each tissue. how can I get power loss vs distance? can I get power loss in each cell by .txt file? and, can I use s-parameter in wireless situation without ground sharing? can it be channel chacteristic in wireless communication? (...)
hello everybody, plz help me , i want to simulate antenna terminated in layered human body model i.e. wants to calculate the SAR in layered body model. plz tell me how can i do SAR setting for different layers like skin,fat or muscle layers??? and how can i plot SAR vs thickness of layers.....