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hi before starting my project on any subject i want sound files recording of EEG signal . iwant to simulate it on matlab with different parameters.... so, if any body have any sound file related to EEG human ,please up;oad it ... it's very very important and urgent for me ......... best regards
i think x-ray machine is the device used for scanning processes eg scanning human body, crystal and metal atoms arrangement. one is tool while other is process
I am simulating a human body model alongwith a circularly polarised patch antenna to analyse the effects oh human body on the antenna performance at 1.5GHz. But the CST Microwave Studio is giving weird errors like Unstable calculations, abnormal termination etc. it also takes a lot of computational time. I am using the (...)
I really need an electrometer which is capable of measuring electrical field. I need it to measure voltage of human body for ESD testing. The input impedance Rin=infinite. The precision requred is 5%.
When a human body is close to an antenna, could change the multipath trajectory of the waves, and depending by the phase of the two signals (direct or reflected) the reception could be better, but also could be worst. Also the human body could behave as a capacitive antenna increasing the electromagnetic (...)
does any one have got a matlab code for head shap as i study the effect of mobile antenna radiatios on head and human body if any one have something please upload Thanks Amr
Dear all, I need any resources that talking about the effect of mobile antenna on human body please help Thanks Amr
SMA robot can find its application in the field of tube and human body inspection
Hi! An ESD circuit must withstand 2kV of ESD using the human body model and 500V using the charged device model without damage. I wonder How can I simulate the ESD circuit to see if it works? Can Hspice simulation work? Thanks
Hi All, I have a project on Machine automation with HMI (human Machine interface). I am new to this field. Can any body kindly suggest any venter,links and good forums related to this. My requirement. 1 Analog Inputs (4-20 mA) 16 2 Analog Inputs (0-5 V) 16 3 Analog Output 02 4 Digital Inputs 16 (...)
Hi, Take for an example, a human like phantom with human-like liquid inside could absorb at least 3dB for maximum power transmit. 3dB implies 1W for 900 band and 0.5W for 1800/1900 band. Maybe phantom is the worst case, you can take reference some papers, but the number above is quite amazing, isn't it (...)
Hi all, A 10-year study published last month, claims that radiation from cell. phones doesn't increase the probabilty of developing cancer (from Reuters news agency). I'm interested in this study, and i'll be happy if anyone has a PDF of it or any relevant link. Furthermore, if anyone has any links/documents relevant to cellular radiation
Hallo I would like to know the effect of human body on the mobil antenna and how can we make the antenna insenstive to this effect is this a problem for a wide band antenna thanx
in a one word the electric and magnetic field are state in the space that force to any charge or cuurent in this space . that is the state and human body don't take it under safty margin.
right leg driving circuit is used for common mode voltage rejection, and represent medium measured voltage which is much bigger than ECG signals and must be canceled (this could saturate the 1'st stage of input amplifier and depend of electrode potential, electrode contact and environment noise). human (...)
A well-distributed near-field radiation can reduce the SAR. Sometimes (if the mechanical design allows this) increasing the distance between antenna and human body model (only 1mm or 2 mm) helps to pass SAR requirements.
From these guys you can buy only the materials: While ago some cellular providers use for mobile test, barrels filled with salt water. Of course, the proportion water and salt was precisely determinate. For human body models to use in a simulator:
If I understand correctly, your "highest possible resolution" means smallest possible cell size. Using the same cell size in MWS and Semcad doesn't necessarily mean the same accuracy in the final answer (field values or SAR). With the same cell size, you should expect the FIT to give higher accuracy in modeling the irregular shape (of human (...)
I need all the info posible on human body simulations: CAD models, Voxel Data, CST or Ansoft models, IEEE publications and standards........thanks........
My previous design has a pair of source follower output pins. Unfortunately it's ESD immunity in human body mode can only pass 1KV. The experiment result shows that the nmos to vcc fails. Is there any one to give me a guide . Our design uses TSMC 0.35 polycide, and the nmos follows ESD design rule in addition that it's size is only 100um (...)