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Yes, there will be some small current. If you care about human body protection, mechanical relay will be better option.
It seems that all kind of scan process to see accross the human body should necessarily to generate a big amount of energy. There are different wavelenght, different scan schemes and different sensors to detect the radiation not absorbed by the body, but all these porocesses are somehow invasive in the sense that they are (...)
Hi All, I dont know if im posting my questions in the right place but ill give it a try :) Im starting to work on a new product and im looking for a transceiver that can transmit to 250m (line of site) with data rate 2KBps . the transmitter need to placed on a human body (wearable) and need works on battery. also i (...)
Hi! I'm starting to use CST for bioelectromagnetic simulations and I need to use human models of the whole body. I am looking for some general information (basis, advantages, disadvantages...) about the difference between CAD and Voxel models since CST allows to import models in both formats. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
hello guys!!.. can anyone teach me how to detection human moving in matlab?? i detected the blobs in scene but i don't know how to detect the human among them Thank alot... p/s: sorry for my english!
Hello everyone, Anyone can help me to solve my CST design for SRR antenna. I try to simulate my SRR antenna by using coaxial probe. But the problem occur when i place my antenna with different layer of human tissues body. Seems like this antenna not working well if I do simulation with skin,fat,muscle and bone layers. I change material of (...)
Hi, I have one question about human body model. After creating human model I have import this model and wanted to create high permitivitty pads which should be directly on it. My problem is that I don't know how to do this (I have tried to create pads and bend it over the body, but this (...)
I was wondering if anyone has created his/her own voxel model for human body compatible for CST? I know that a member "alecacci" long time ago has created a file but it is no longer available, hbm_2629.rar. The only attachment that is downloadable, "human body model.rar", just has some and *.mesh files that (...)
Hi, specifications need values.. The problem is not "touching" a pin, but there may be an ESD voltage with a specific capacitance and a series resistor. There are several models like "human body model" that fits best your needs with "touching". Charged device models and different machine models... So you need to know: * vol
i am looking for a circuit to measure difference in temperature (+ or -) on the human body. the distance is between two thermal sensors is about 5 cm, and the reading range is between 0 -50 Celsius. i have a circuit but i need to make it more sensible. i was thinking of adding differential amplifier. any one has got an idea of how to (...)
Hi all, human body tissues are characterized mainly by three properties Permittivity, Conductivity and loss tangent.. 1)Since the body tissues are dielectric, how it could have conductivity ? For all materials in the material library of HFSS, we have mention these values..(Permittivity, conductivity,loss tangent (...)
Just a guess. I would suggest searching Autocad/3Dstudio/Lightwave/Softimage models in 3D CG groups. In 90s I've seen pretty detailed models of human head with parts in separate models. I mean separate ears, eyes, noses, teeth. I believe there are a lot of them because CG guys like different faces blown up and draw every time everything from the sc
Hello frends, Can carbon nanotube sotre human body temperature, If yes, then how much it can able to store, or that much energy can be helpfull for any purpose, Please if any one had gone through it, then please help me. Thanking you alot...
The main physical attribute of these sensors is the ability to be sterilized by autoclave equipments for high pressure and temperature too far beyond that which it was designed to operate in the human body. On medical equipments, what you say as "sensor", we could better technically define as a "probe", due consists of an apparatus (...)
Nameplates convey ratings. Not all ratings can be supported simultaneously in all cases. Until you understand the basis of them there's no point in electrical lawyering, Ohm's or otherwise. You seem not to understand the nature of the human body as load, in the context of electrocution. You make (...)
It has. The standards for ESD sets voltage levels and source characteristics (such as human body model (HBM) or machine model (MM) ). Both the model and the voltage level may be specified in the product's datasheet.
i am beginner using feko but i just want to draw human body in feko to simulate ,any one who know how or may be help me if there is any other 3D software so that i can draw and import to feko.or any one who have the file so that i can import direct
Skin and human body models in general are developed for calculating SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to an electromagnetic field, so there might be possible to find a model that consider the human body (...)
I am using K type thermocouple with ad595.The resisistance between the two terminals of thermocouple is 8k. After ad 595 i am getting .25volts for room temperature and .39 volts for human body .The ponit is it is not giving me the stable value, a lotos variations .Can anybody please provide me with the schematic please (...)
Hey guys, didn't really know where to put this one! What i'm wondering is how the humans body capacitance changes in different conditions. In many places, i've seen the human body capacitance quoted at around 100pF when floating, how does this change when a human has say shoes on or is on a highly (...)

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