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...what if I need a little bit more sensitivity?... You really could consider the approach suggested bellow. In the past, I worked with some alarm car systems extremely sensitive to human touch. ....I did once similar with FETs, and it worked too well... +++
hello, have you an idea how can i do to detect a human with a robot just using ultrasonic sensor? i want to make a robot follower human by only using ultrasonic sensor, i dont care about the precision thank you
Interesting design... Another interesting topic is motion sensor with low false trigger rate. I have not tried any of the passive pyrotechnic IR detector only for human motion or sensing car lights. But they look interesting too.
Hi guys, I am an final year Electronics Engineering Student, and want to make an project having some image processing...... first of all i want an " automatic human detector via Image Processing in both Day and Night" so i wanted to know, which kind of camera i should use...... i came across: -> Normal Camera i.e most
pranam77, How will a PIR differentiate between a human (varying sizes) and animals (also varying sizes)? Its a thermal/motion detector. viniuniverse, What size animals would you expect to pass through your detector and not be detected? "The devil's in the details." Ken
there ir motion detector available as a package. you can use it for human detection. but there is maxm distance limit . check with the ir motion sensors available datasheet.
To detect a human body, the PIR suits well. But for determining the location?...May be one or more may be used...I guess...This system is implimented in a popular brand of Airconditioners which effectively cools in the direction it finds a human body...But never studied how this is done.
Another modification is two metal plates. Measure the capacitance between them. It will be larger when the human body is near them.
hi there, please help me :) please tell me any kind of sensors that can detect if human passes the range of the sensors and it can distinguish between human and animals.. thank you :)
You can actually save power by mulitplexing. This is becuase the human eye acts as a photometer that partially acts as a peak detector and partially as an integerator. So by pulsing an LED, you actually see a brightness level more than the brightness of the same LED current fed with the average DC value. How is that.
hi, Here is a collection of resources on biopotential measurement and next generation human-computer interfacing.