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Hi! I'm starting to use CST for bioelectromagnetic simulations and I need to use human models of the whole body. I am looking for some general information (basis, advantages, disadvantages...) about the difference between CAD and Voxel models since CST allows to import models in both formats. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
This thread discusses a human tissue voxel (model), for CST. Don't know how specific the model is, in terms of gender, organs, etc.
Hi, specifications need values.. The problem is not "touching" a pin, but there may be an ESD voltage with a specific capacitance and a series resistor. There are several models like "human body model" that fits best your needs with "touching". Charged device models and different machine models... So you need to know: * vol
I want to use human model in CST microwave studio 2011. I have found a model voxel file working at 2.4 Ghz, but its material and properties file cannot be edited. I want the model to run at 860-960 Mhz range. Need help. If any one know the solution or if any one has model running at that range??
hey i am looking for the ansoft HFSS human body model.. Can you please suggest me where i can get it??? thanks
i am beginner using feko but i just want to draw human body in feko to simulate ,any one who know how or may be help me if there is any other 3D software so that i can draw and import to feko.or any one who have the file so that i can import direct
Skin and human body models in general are developed for calculating SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to an electromagnetic field, so there might be possible to find a model that consider the human body and skin as an equivalent parasitic reactance that you can (...)
Hi all, As you've noticed from the title, I'm trying to use the default human family in CST. However, I'm not able to open the library voxel files yet, because of license, though I've been searching for a solution (like brute force softwares, but I've encountered only programs for other file formats). Is there anyone so kind to
Hello All, I need human Body, Head & Hand models for SAR simulations using 3D EM simulators... may be phantom models of the above as SAT model/files is fine ... Many Thanks in Advance... ---manju---
Can you use PSNR on H, S, and L in the HSL colorspace? Usually, PSNR is computed when the image is in grayscale or when there is only one colormap.. I am working on colored images (RGB) and as I read from wikipedia, HSL and HSV models more closely to human perception. So, I wish to use the HSL colorspace rather than RGB
Hi, all 'realistic" human modes are based on VOXEL datas. These formats can not be exported into SAT. Only the phantom models are available as SAT model. The main question is, if you indeed want to model a realistic model with all tissue details in a FEM based simulator. A voxel model is basically a bitmap of a human. This are a lot (...)
I need somebody to help me get a software for computing specific absorption rate in human phantom models Thanks tai
Hi, try the following site You can get .dat voxel human models from this page..........If you can open the .dat files please let me know how, because I've had some problem opening it but Im sure its due to my lack of knowledge in data formats..........
Anyone knows which company sells/manufacture phantom materials to model human body? Or any other microwave absorbers which i can use to model as human tissues? Anyone has similar experience is using them to investigate how microwaves affect the body practically?
I need all the info posible on human body simulations: CAD models, Voxel Data, CST or Ansoft models, IEEE publications and standards........thanks........
The same to you, I also need a human body model. Who can give us some help? Thanks!!