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Have you tried a Google search with the word "schematic" after the phrase you have in your question? I found within 30 seconds. It might not be exactly what you want but you should be able to work out the differences. Susan
Interfacing pic microcontroller with DHT11: Interfacing pic microcontroller with DHT22: The following two videos shows the simulation of digital humidity and temperature sensor DHT11 and the sensor DHT22 using ISIS Proteus software. These simulations are an interfacing of pic18F4550 with (...)
The following video shows the interfacing of pic16F877A microcontroller with 1602 lcd display and DS1307 real time clock and dht11 digital humidity and temperature sensor. The ds1307 uses I2C protocol to communicate with the microcontroller and the dht11 uses One-Wire protocol. The results are displayed on the lcd display. The circuit (...)
Hey there, I've been trying to interface a DHT11 sensor to a pic18F4550 and coding with xC8 compiler. Actually I've modified it from a website. I've successfully loaded a hex file into the MCU but the LCD only displays zero humidity and zero temperature. I've checked and my circuit has no problem. The DHT11 sensor is also (...)
I am a new learner. I have built temperature and humidity indicator using pic 16F877a (LM35 +SH20). I Have following two problems. 1) If I program to read only Temperature or only humidity it shows correct. But when I select Temperature + humidity - Both shows erratic reading ( RA1 and RA2). Request to suggest (...)
i need a program for humidity sensor(dht 11) code to interface with arm microcontroller
Hi guys, I'm currently working on a humidity project. I'd bought the "SN HMD MOD" (HR202) sensor , The sensor is basically consists of 4 pins (Vcc, GND, AO & DO). May I know what is the formula or equations to calculate humidity ? Full pic coding & explanation will be much appreciated :)
I am trying to make a system which measures Temperature and humidity, so I Choose SHT75 sensor. Have a look at this link:- The problem is that, What is this RH linear and RH True. I am confused, because Proteus is giving RH line
You may try to search for conveniable forum - - - Updated - - - I want to know how interfacing a resistive type humidity sensor to a microcontroller,I have a separate oscillator which also is connected to the other input of the pic.This oscillator frequency changes (decreases)when I load the beans which are the one I want
Hello here is example of this code for SHT-71. It is written for AVR but complete source can be downloaded so i think it will not be big problem to adapt functions to pic. You should only change PIN configuration functions but it is C compiles also..
Check with another sensor. Check this If there is more humidity it will give 4V for 80K resistor. pass some steam to increase the humidity. Datasheet says CAUTION IMPROPER HANDLING Do not remove th
My circuit is constructed as below. I'm a new beginner in programming. Desperately need help for the programming of this system. I have modified coding from similar project, but it keep on getting syntax error. Need help in modifying the AVR code for HSM20G into pic code for HSM20G. Facing syntax error in rx part. 70113
Have you measured the humidity oscillator frequency with and oscilloscope before and after connecting it to the pic ?
My project is wireless sensor node for monitoring indoor air quality. The sensor that i used are humidity and temperature sensor.. I have a pic16F877-20/P. This pic act as micro controller for my project. I want design a project of "wireless sensor node" =hardware of the (...)
hi sherazi just go here although it is in pic basic but at least give you an idea to do CRC for sht sensor Regards Fragrance
Hello everybody! I am building for my graduation project a wireless weather station. I am using pic 16f877 and I am building the project using Mplab. So far I managed to display the temperature using LM35 and pressure using MPX4115 on a 3310 nokia humidity I want to use a
Hi, Have never seen any good code for that type of sensor, plus you do need some extra hardware, usually a 555 to drive it before you input it to the pic, although there are some designs that use a just a cap and resistor but think they leave a bit to be desired. Have used a SHT10 which is available cheaply here.
I think, before getting a meaningful temperature measurement, you don't need to think about calibrating the humidity sensor... Either the communication setup or the calculation is obviously wrong. Your screenshot isn't really helpful to decide between both options.
check this is a project done by Jody. A temp (DS1620) and a humidity (HS15p) sensor wich displays the readings on a Hitachi based LCD using pic 16F876A It includes a ziped file, codes, PCB, circuit and Gerbers. and this
I am presently working on moisture measurement and will need the SHT7x humidity sensor to design an electrical circuit. What pic has been proven good for the use of this sensor. I will also need program code for a display in an LED. Kingsley