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Hello dear friends, Please guide me against the following problem: I am trying to develop uart communication between pic 16F877A (20 MHz crystal) and PC using hyper terminal. I wrote the following simple code in mikroc Pro v.6.5.0 compiler to run: char RS; void main() { TRISC = 0xF0; (...)
Hi there, I'm a newbie and tried to dial a no from MCU (16F887) to Sony Erricsson K750i. With hyper terminal connected with data cable to pc it works AT commands fine.But I couldn't communicate SE750i with MCU. I have attached schematic I used (drawn by me) and the flowcode program that I used. Please (...)
SPBRG=64;//4800 bps for 20 Mhz crystal check your gsm is running with same baud rate. try with 9600 baud rate.Test your gsm with hyper terminal first.
dear friends, i used pic18f4550 for sending sms through gsm900. i got the at commands correctly in hyper terminal. the problem is ...... manually i send the AT commands from hyperterminal to gsm900, the module is sending the sms to my mobile. but, gsm module is (...)
Hi All Can anybody write a code in mikroC that :- 1- get the first number from user in hyper terminal (serialport) 2- get the firseconed number from user in hyper terminal (serialport) 3- sum the two numbers in pic and send the result to (...)
hi i want to send and receive MMS with sim900. i have problem with at commond AT+CMMSDOWN="pic",48000,20000 and some other problems. can any one help me for complete method of MMS with sim 900 at hyper terminal ? i am using sim900 evb development kit and sim900te contact =
connect with PC and check the output in hyper terminal
Hi, I am using a pic microcontroller which communicates with the hyperterminal. When i power on the unit, the hyper terminal receives some 2 bytes or even more sometimes. But i did not send any data during power on. Please help me to get out off this problem. Thanks and regards, Murugesh
hi my problem is that i am beginner.... i want to connect gps with any of the devices..... should i directly connect pins of gps module with pic???? and computer??? and get the result at hyper terminal???? will it work? plz help me....
hello every one i write a home automation program using pic micro controller and sensors and actions perform by pic and sensors perform correctly and sending to hyper terminal.. like "temperature value Is" "light on" "doors open" now i want to send all these (...)
I am new to these controllers and now i want to learn USART, i have been reading about them but some questions i have which are making me confuse. 1. i have read in "mikroc pro for pic" that it has full duplex asynchronous transmit and receive. but people on the net set the matching baud rate for controller and (...)
as im trying to communicate between the P16f877aController and PC.. i done the program in Embedded C using PCW. but im getting the output in Real pic Simulator, while im trying to connect with lap, it wont coming in the hyper terminal. i dono how to configure the hyper terminal. is there (...)
Connect the RX and TX of the micro to hyper-terminal and analyze the received data
Hi guys, I am currently working with a pic 18F46k22 and inputing a NMEA data using a Garmin GPS and trying to get a output reading though hyperterminal. I am using the pic to decode and output the string of data nicely to Lat and long. I previously (...)
I had to send sms from my pic. So i searched=> bought a mobile with a serial port(samsung x200). connected it with PC directly using serial cable. and opened the hyper terminal in my windows XP. (COM1, 9600 baud, data bit 8, parity none, stop bits 1, control hardware)65086 I wrote AT (expecting the OK response from the (...)
what is the purpose of putting in while(1) loop it will execute infinitely and will never stop, this will cause modem to reset again and again.. first test it with hyper terminal and the write the program........
you can see encoder data on hyper terminal but for that u need to make a code/program which read from sensor then their should be supporting hardware for this. Do u have made/written any code for this.
Hi.. I am using pic18F2520, for GPRS modem communication. Modem is successfully communicated through hyper terminal. Then i am trying with pic microcontroller, i am Sending "AT" and trying to get response but some time it is giving responce or not some time. and data is not getting (...)
I have a project use 1 SIM300CZ connect pic 16F877A but pic don't receive data from SIM300CZ. I did example to test this case: Ex 1: - I do connect SIM300CZ with Computer(hyper terminal) via MAX232, This case it send and recieve data between SIM300CZ and Computer very good. Ex 2: I do (...)
Sir, You can use PC hyper terminal/ PLC(Hardware simulation) .For software simulation pic simulator ide