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Hello, I am a beginner with 8051 family. I am trying to implement serial communication using 89S52 with PC. The string (rather a singel chracter at this stage) will be transmitted through hyperterminal and after reception the received text (what ever it be) has to be displayed on LCD. The problem is when I am debugging the code in (...)
There should be a invert check box. There isn't an invert option with hyperterminal or other standard terminal programs, e.g. Putty. What should be it's meaning?
You cannot interface R30x using hyperterminal as you won't be able to send HEX commands using hyperterminal. Try some other serial terminal s/w which allows you to send HEX values.
With an incorrect speed, hyperterminal usually shows you some garbage comming in. If there is nothing received on the hyperterminal screen. I would check the input and outputs of the Max232. To discard problems here you may connect a known good serial device to the Max232 and see if the data reaches the PC. Also you can check the Tx line of (...)
its simple,, hyperterminal is a software provided my is just a interface so that you can interact with the devices on the serial port... there are many other also like Putty, flash magic terminal etc..
SCON = 0x50; //mode1, 8bit UART, Reception Enable TMOD = 0x20; //timer 1 8-bit auto-reload TH1 = UART_SetBaudRate(CLK_110592, UART_BAUD_19200); //Baud Rate 9600 8-n-1 TL1 = TH1; //Reload count ES = ON; //Enable serial Intr PS = ON; //Set High Priority of serial Intr EA = ON; //Enable Global Intr TR1 = ON
Set proper baud rates in the hyperterminal . Is it digand or wigand interface?
could you connect GPS to PC serial port and check output on hyperterminal.... see if you get the output properly.
Hi, i m doing a project on mircocontroller 8051 which interface with a novtel GPS. i managed to send a string data though the 8051 but i having problem in receving the data from the serial port. From the hyperterminal i use, i could only see one char for the received uart. i was wondering if the uart receiver part they (...)
hi how to connect 8051 micro controller to hyper terminal pls provide me circuit diagram ,i want to start communication related projects .thanks
HOW can i connect usb cable with 8051 microcontroller,,, plzzzzz help me becuz it is using in my project How about using USB to serial DB9 Port Adapter? Any 8051 has UART and you can "talk" with it via hyperterminal, for example .. IanP :D
If I understand your task correctly, you intend to write on a PC keyboard, transmit data via serial port to 89C51 and display it in real time on an LCD .. If that’s the case, start with hyperterminal at the PC side and short serial port interrupt subroutine at the 8051 end, read ASCII characters that are transmitted (...)
USE >>>SEARCH<<< and type: 8051 AND hyperterminal Rgds, IanP
Hey fatima, GPS is set to default baud rate of 4800. You configure your code to 4800. then it should work. Before interfacing connect GPS to serial port and check in the hyperterminal, if you get the output properly or not. That will reduce 60% of your problem.
Start with connecting PS/2 (or AT) keyboard .. Here you will find working code: You can modify this code in such a way that the microcontroller will send "key-pressed" ASCII code via serial port to your PC (with hyperterminal) for verification .. Regards, IanP
Hey everyone! I want to find an application like this...Also I m going to use hyperterminal for serial comm. with computer.. It must written with assamble
All information you may need to connect 8051-family microcontroller to a PC via the RS-232 port can be found in: "A Simple RS232 Guide" That includes hardware and software examples using Windows hyperterminal .. Regards, IanP Search didn't return any link to this PDF file so here it is .. I assembled this guide from various posts
hea dude its very easy .... include the com object in ur form .... u have helluva stuff in net try searching net or books abt it... but u can use a simple hyperterminal which comes with the windows and set the correct baud and other setting as u require and play around
Hi hayder78, I always used hyperterminal (on PC side) , when testing comunications with a new RS232 board. First Check if the Baud Rate is set corectly in hyperterminal. If your program still don't work at higher baud rates, you have a probably a software bug Most probably, you TX/RX bytes without properly check/reset the TI,RI flags
@ spyghost: hyperterminal is fine. As long as you don't use it from a laptop in WinXP at 115200 baud since it has problems then (don't ask me why, when i read the serial port it works) and hyperterminal sends plain ascii. This means 'A' is send as 0x41 and 'a' is send as 0x61 (thats probably the mistake). There isn't something strange (...)