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hi all, As I know, there are 3 types of cmos comparators: 1. Opamp-based (low speed) 2. Latch-based (high speed but also this type is discrete-time comparator and need clock signal for tracking and latching phases). 3. hysteresis type (as shown in the attached figure below) Currently, I am designing comparator used in buck converter. Howe
Use output to control relay or High Side power switch using 3V logic and supply. Logic voltage = minimum input V+ swing to guarantee hysteresis e.g. 3~3.3V Signal clamps must use Schottky diodes to protect cmos. R values can be scaled up if desired. 131366 It also converts the bipolar input voltage to the supply voltag
Hello Guys, Firstly, I am new here, so please be forgiving to me :) I am trying to design a comparator for cmos image sensor ADC. Below you can see schematic of the testbench and waveform with results. Architecture of comparator, it is standard 2-stage opamp with high gain, without hysteresis. Operation of this circuitry should be like this:
Positive feedback used for hysteresis. this is the % of output swing and ratio of feedback resistors to the midpoint of swing. This is how Schmitt trigger inputs are made, ranging from 1% for small and 30% for common cmos gates. Avalanche switching diodes are even faster. But normally you only use hysteresis to prevent glitches from (...)
Pretty much the same as any other logic gate, plus a few hysteresis related params, maybe a supply current at edges-of-hysteresis band type spec as well. Though do not recall these on piece-part datasheets, only cell library design goals.
You'll notice that the hysteresis of line receivers causes a level dependent phase error. A similar effect is caused by propagation delay versus overdrive characteristic of comparators. I would try with cascaded self-biased unbuffered cmos inverters.
I want to simulate a cmos latched comparator to see hysteresis graph of it. Is there any way? Just use a very slow triangle type input ramp. "Very slow" means a slew rate ≦1LSB/latch-clock-period, if 1LSB is your required resolution.
hi sandhaajith, the offset and hysteresis requirements of the comparator in sigma-delta modulator is relaxed and the high-speed is required, so it can be designed with a preamplifier followed by a latch with reset. see this paper: ?A High-Speed cmos Comparator with 8-b Resolution,? IEEE J. of Sold-State Circuits Feb.1992, pp.208-211.
Hi, I've just read Gregorians book "cmos-Opamps and Comparators". In chapter 8.3 he introduces to a sample design of a regenerative latch based comparator with hysteresis. On the last page of the chapter (p. 354) he adds that one might optimize the sizing of the W/L of the mosfets for transient response but he doesn't go into detail - to my grea
Hi, sarabjeet. I've simulated and study the structure in P.Allen's book. As for your question. the width of the hysteresis window is determined by mainly 3 factors. (1) the W/L of the input transistor pairs (2) the value of the tail current (3)the positive feedback factor, in Allen's book it is represents as (W/L)6/(W/L)3, You can go on to
You can use a two-stage hysteresis comparator like that shown on page 475 of the Allen and Holberg cmos book (2ed).
hi, I am designing a hysteresis comparator with 0.6um cmos. The circuit is the classic topology which I refered from the book "cmos analog circuit design"by Philip E.Allen and Douglas R.Holberg. The hysteresis of comparator is implemented by positive feedback in the input stage of a high-gain,open loop comparator. Pls. (...)
Hi all, I would like to design a precise comparator with precise hysteresis. But I know the hystersis of a schmit trigger variates with supply voltage variation. So what's the idea if I need a comparator used to compare a precise VIH and VIL with hystersis function. The voltage difference between VIH and VIL is 150mV. Any suggestion? Tha
Hello, What do you mean by 'cmos hysteresis comparator' :?: Is it ( (a comparator with hysteresis) in cmos technologie ) ? Or (a comparator of (hysteresis of cmos technologie) ) ? What he means in another words to design a schmidt trigger in cmos which is to (...)
I use cmos circuit design & layout & simulation have hysteresis schmitter equation .. but my design range is small VH =3.55 VL= 3.45 and I use hspice sim find have large differnec on my circuit