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Does the 8051 handle i2c communications? Standard 8051 doesn't. But it's easy to implement software i2c, everyone does with 8051.
This code is useless for you. Not necessarily if you put in software i2c routines for i2c_xxx() functions. Or replace transceiver() respectively.
Hi, Your code has some issues. First is, that there is no description what you want to achieve. start: mov p1,#0ffh ; initializing port 1 as input lcall none sjmp start none:ret lcall write lcall read lcall none ;********** Write Routine******* This is an endless loop doing nothing. Go through
Dear all, I had make alarm clock on 8051 by using keil.But now i want to use pic 16f877a for project.I am new in mplab(v8.30/hi tech c compiler).i studied & made a project in mplab ide. and write a code as has built successfull.but lcd(16x2) does not show time.only shows 05:05:05.Please reply. #include
i have the problem with i2c program, while interfacing with ds1307 RTC. can anyone upload the i2c header or program for the 8051 controller? :cry: here is my source code for i2c. void i2cInit() { SDA = 1; SCL = 1; } void i2cStart(){ (...)
I'm trying to interface the freescale mma7660 accelerometer with an 8051 processor (c8051f020 silicon labs). I get some problems while I communicate with the smbus: I receive acks from the accelerometer, but the data I get is always 0. This is my initialization code (for the accelerometer): SMB_DATA_IN = 0x07; //stand by mode SM
I have not read mazidi book so I am not sure, what mazidi said about programming but 2. yes, keil is supported for atmel 8051 MCU's. You can also use better and simpler MCU's like PIC12F MCU which required very less power. 3. You can use one UART for multiple slaves if supported by master using address bits, a little similar to i2c. Hope that help
These might help you. A 8051 software
RTC 8563 uses i2c and 8051 doesn't have hardware i2c. You have to write software i2c code and use it to read and write RTC.
Inter_integrated Circuit Communication you have to use First assign make some function like i2c Start , i2c Write , i2c Stop , i2c Read , Then You have to read the value from DS1307 via i2c for getting data on LCD, DS1307 YOu have to convert it from BCD to ASCII Code
Hi, Every one First of all i wanna thank this forum it is much helpfull for begainers Sir I want to communicate two microcontroller (at89s52) through i2c i m totally new in this feild i hav knowlegde about i2c .. But sir i want help frm u guys how can i communicate them plz help me with a short example.........
Internal eeprom memory will not be sufficient to hold all the data. Is it a college project or a job project. 8051 also doesn't have SPI and i2c. If you want to store data in eeprom then you will have to write software SPI or i2c routines to store and retreive data. I can help if PIC18F is used. You can also use SD card to store data. Data (...)
It is a i2c eeprom. AT89S52 doesn't have hardware i2c so you have to write software i2c code. It is better to use SPI eeprom like 25LC256 and write software SPI code.
Hello All, I would like to use AT89C52 as a master to interface few AT89LP4052 (slave) with using i2c. This two MCU doesn't have build in i2c feature. This few day i have do some research and can't find any useful information and sample code for 8051 i2c slave. But i do found this "Implementation of MCU Invariant (...)
Hi All, I tried to use IO expansion chip that can controls up to 16 output by just using 2 wires (SDA and SCL). I'm using PCF8575 and interface with 8051 microcontroller (P89C51RD2HBA). I've connected 16 LED at the output side to see the result for the testing purpose. However, I'm stuck in the writing to the slave process, where i need to send
Interfacing a 4-bit mode LCD is pretty simple. You can refer this Link And the EEPROM and RTC can be interface to the controller by using the i2c protocol.
how do i write on a i2c bus as well as read data from a i2c. i want to read and write data from the ds1307 ic. and i want to know how do i code it in c to interface it. See some examples: Real Time Clock Interfacing (DS1307) with AT89S51
Microchip actually offers several appnotes/source code concerning the topic: Interfacing 8051 MCUs with i2c™ Serial EEPROMs Source Code for Above Appnote [URL="ww1.microchip.c
Here are 3 ways to make a clock using a C8051: 1.) Use a 8051 and a 1 line LCD display. The LCD connects to the 8051 using the SPI or i2c bus This is the most expensive and it can be hard to connect to the LCD without a PCB 2.) Use 4 7 segment displays connected to the 8051's GPIO pins. This is a (...)
You can expect the first ACK after the DEV_SEL sequence (unless the EEPROM is busy with finishing a write command internally). Getting no ACK means - wrong DEV_SEL code respectively address pin strap - incorrect i2c waveform