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Hi, It depends on your RF &... etc and also processing power. For example : some RF Modules use UART and some of them use SPI. gsm modules usually use USART. LCD can use SPI or i2c or Parallel. BTW, which type of LCD do you want to use? Simple 2 Text Lines or Some color LCD with Graphic Capabilities? SD Card (...)
Hello everyone, Please suggest some Micro controllers or associated peripherals for the below specification 1,Controller embed with CAN and WIFI. 2,Controller FOTA support through gsm modem 3,4 UARTS , 2 i2c , 4,6 digital I/O , 3 analog inputs 5,RAM size greater or (...)
Hi, I am about to start a project that uses a pic18f24J11 chip which is 3.3v, also I have a sim800L gsm board that is 3.3v and I believe I can connect this board directly to the micro-controller pins, however I have a 5v i2c LCD display now will the i2c line need some sort of level shifter because the display is 5v (...)
Use a i2c LCD + RTC like DS3231 which gives accurate timings. Both are i2c devices and needs only two wires. The eneryy meter will give pulses and you have to read these pulses and do the maths to find out units consumed and cost for the units. Add SIM908 which has both gsm (...)
how many channels of data acquisition, how many bits converted by the ADC, how fast, etc? what do you want to control, e.g. how many devices, how are they attached (i2c, SPI, CANBUS, etc) to aid in selecting a target device you can use product selectors, e.g. Microchip
Hi All, I am planning to design a ARM based product which would consist around 20 gsm modems with 20 SIM cards. SIMCOM website shows the SIM900 supports only i2c and by default i2c is not enabled and there should be another firmware. and another document shows that SIM300 supports SPI (...)
1) For sending data to the board that include GPS device, you could use serial port and RS232 protocol or i2c 2) One gsm module such as SIM300 can take data and send to any phone by SMS message or GPRS module can send to the web. 3) For transfer data between IR module and GPS you can use some way such as (...)
Hi every one, I have a plan to make a Bulk SMS Modem Pool to send Advertisment sms. I have 8 sim300W gsm modules and 1 atmega32, is it possible to make Master, slave Interface using i2c Protocol to communicate with all modules? Or i have to make 8 serial UART using BIT Banging? Thanks in Advance
gsm and GPS are based on serial communication through UART. memory chips are usually supported by i2c protocol.. what explanation you need....
Insufficient data.. You should consider what are the other things you want to interface like gsm modem, gps, i2c eeproms. What would be your code size? What is the working voltage and power it can consume ?
Hi i want your help to interface PIC18F452 with gsm module TC65 (Siemens) please give me some help for the interface type (serial or i2c) and how to write AT commands in MikroC language note my AT command AT OK AT+CMGF=? OK AT+CMGF=1 OK AT+CMGW=? OK AT+CMGW="+2012345678" > Test. OK (...)
Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the CAM "satallite" SIM Card interface protocol usually? I want to know if it is i2c or ISP or what