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This code is useless for you. Not necessarily if you put in software i2c routines for i2c_xxx() functions. Or replace transceiver() respectively.
I'm trying to interface the freescale mma7660 accelerometer with an 8051 processor (c8051f020 silicon labs). I get some problems while I communicate with the smbus: I receive acks from the accelerometer, but the data I get is always 0. This is my initialization code (for the accelerometer): SMB_DATA_IN = 0x07; //stand by mode SM
These might help you. A 8051 software
RTC 8563 uses i2c and 8051 doesn't have hardware i2c. You have to write software i2c code and use it to read and write RTC.
Inter_integrated Circuit Communication you have to use First assign make some function like i2c Start , i2c Write , i2c Stop , i2c Read , Then You have to read the value from DS1307 via i2c for getting data on LCD, DS1307 YOu have to convert it from BCD to ASCII Code
Hello All, I would like to use AT89C52 as a master to interface few AT89LP4052 (slave) with using i2c. This two MCU doesn't have build in i2c feature. This few day i have do some research and can't find any useful information and sample code for 8051 i2c slave. But i do found this "Implementation of (...)
Hi All, I tried to use IO expansion chip that can controls up to 16 output by just using 2 wires (SDA and SCL). I'm using PCF8575 and interface with 8051 microcontroller (P89C51RD2HBA). I've connected 16 LED at the output side to see the result for the testing purpose. However, I'm stuck in the writing to the slave process, where i need to send
hello, wich kind of RTC DS1302 SPi DS1307 i2c other ? LCD 4bits 2x16 , 4x20 ? direct or trough i2c ? so with 2 wires SDA,SCL you can drive LCD,EEPROM,RTC
how do i write on a i2c bus as well as read data from a i2c. i want to read and write data from the ds1307 ic. and i want to know how do i code it in c to interface it. See some examples: Real Time Clock Interfacing (DS1307) with AT89S51
Kiosk provider seeking an 8051 assembly language developer to patch firmware to: * Add two i2c commands: 1-turn on 2-turn off Notes: 1. Device has pre-existing soft power control. 2. Device has pre-existing operational i2c interface. 3. Current firmware is available only as ROM image. 4. We (...)
you could use the 8051, most of the micro controller could be use for i2c.
Yes, you can, in a similar way as you'd connect PIA 8255. You have to map it as Ext-Memory, and you have to use 373 Latch to sort out D0-D8 and A0. INT pin has to go through NEG-Gate, and so on .. I don't know why would you do all this, when you can get i2c I/O expanders with interrupt, and they would only require 2 general I/O pins as i2c bus .
A serial eeprom is smaller and more durable than a battery. You'll need to spend some lines of code for an i2c or SPI/microwire interface however.
how can i learn programming using keil in i2c interface . what basics should an individual know if i have to connect ds1307 to controller , i have to create automatic college bell so i have used ds1307 as rtc but i m not able to get how should i do programming in keil .can anyone help me .. . how should i get a delay of one hour through ds1307. s
also check this i2c Two Wire interface Tutorial: PIC 16F877 i2c Code Example : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hi, 1. The document you shared contains code for PIC microcontroller as (TRISB TRISA all happens in PIC). 2. Bit banging is easy, follow rickeys world website on 8051 , so many examples for the same, use keil uvision or RIDE to compile interface LCD over i2c you either need a another MCU as i2c slave or i2c (...)
DS1307 RTC is interface using i2c interface. you have set time and then start the clock.. later u can read the time here is program which sets time and reads time using PC interface MAX232.. on hyperterminal here u can find datasheet
interface 7 Segment, LED, LCD, SD Card, CAN, SPI, i2c, UART, Keypad to demonstrate some solution to problems ~~
Hi Im using atmel 8051 dev board with an At24c02 EEPROM(i2c enabled). i need to read a string of data from eeprom and display it in lcd(16x2).... Can someone help me with the c coding of it.... pls
The DS12887 uses multiplexed Address/Data Bus, Atmega, on the other hand, doesn’t have that bus .. There is a lot of i2c-based RTCs so that would be the natural choice, or you can change horses (8051-microcontroller) but if you really have to connect the DS12887 to Atmega32 here is what you can do: - connect the DS12887 8-bi