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Hi all, Does anyone work with HTS221 of ST using MikroC? I used i2c to communicate with that chip but when I read the sensing signals from HTS221, I think I have errors. I always read value 79 from any register :bang:. I used RB0, RB1 and configure them as SCK and SDA in i2c. I uploaded whole of my codes and the signals that I captured by an
The example and libraries included with the XC8 compiler would be a good place to start. The XC8 compiler includes an extensive library of routines specifically ported for the pic18 device family, including SPI, i2c, UART, etc. In regards to drivers for specific SPI and i2c devices, just search the forum, you find numerous (...)
Hello, Can someone tell me how peripherals are added to a microprocessor chip while designing a microcontroller? For example, how are communication features such as uart,i2c,spi incorporated in a microcontroller design? Coming to more complex things, how are features such as network IP stack, wireless capability, usb, etc designed around a micr
Here is a i2c code but not for eepeom. There is i2c example code at saeedsolutions but I can't provide its link as I got a warning that I am promoting that website. I have no interest in promoting any website or
For interfacing external eeprom you need to write your own libraries. No need to write own library, MikroC have i2c Library MikroC I?C Library Original MikroE example: void main(){ ANSEL = 0;
This example code DS1307. See this header, look at file LibraryPeripheral.h and look at define i2c.
I m just learning MikroC with pic 16F887. I try to use MikroC example to simulate with proteus. but it doesn't work i don know why? please help me. when i compile it succes but when i try to simulate with proteus it doen't show me any working. By using mikroc function how may clock oscilator should we used? /* In this example,
also check this i2c Two Wire Interface Tutorial: pic 16F877 i2c Code example : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR pic Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
I have to write code for pic18 interfaced with TC74. The communication is possible only through i2c. I have read about pic i2c through datasheet, but didnt succeed in writing code about it. Can anyone share a pic18 i2c code sample for study?? I have searched it on google too...but (...)
I think you will need to use more than one microcontroller, have a look on pic18F4550, it contains USB module, ethernet module you will make it using pic18F452 and ENC28J60, then the two pic's will communicate with each other using SPI or i2c for example. configuration will be: PC (...)
Philips P87LPC762 has both ports and is quite cheap. pic controllers are very rugged and I have used them in industrial environment for over a decade. If you want a really cheap solution, use a software based UART. For example, you can use a cheap microcontroller ($0.4 in qty) at high clock (<1us cycle time) to make a read-only UART at 19200
yeah! also you aren't writting data in the eeprom, you need to give it's i2c Address (which is A0h for the first 2kb of the 24C16) so... also!!!!! you are missing the Acknowledge bit!!!! (you must clock it!!!) #include // external declarations sbit sda = P1^1; sbit scl = P1^2; sbit led = P1^0; void start(); vo
hello everyone, im new here! and i need help , can anyone help me in how can i interface MT8888C chip with any microcontroller ( i prefer pic) ? any thing useful ( like codes for example or documents) Plzzzzz help What interface do you want to use i2c, pulse or dtmf tone dialing, terminal? Link for Zarlink
Read the MSSP module in i2c mode in the 2550 data sheet.
One of the easiest way to go is to use picAXE-18X (pic microcontroller with BASIC interpreter) .. Its BASIC dialect includes i2c commands, so you can easily connect RTC (Real time clock) such as DS1307 (or similar) and EEPROM (memory) 24LCXX-series (for example 24LC02 - 256 bytes) .. This microcontroller connects directly (...)
First, you have to convert this anaolg signal to digital signal - hex numbers - and then you can transmit these hex bytes via RS-232 link to your PC .. So, choose a pic that has build-in ADC, or use external ADC and control it with any pic microcontroller .. Attached is an example: pic controls ADC via i2c (...)
Which C compiler are you using? Because some C compiler come with an i2c library. Also, C compilers tend to have different ways of using register names. Cheers,
Hi All, Does anyone here have done i2c bootloader for pic16 or any website I can refer to? Please kindly advice. Thank you. Regards
Try for their compilers and tutorials. Their compilers have library functions for RS232, SPI i2c etc. making them very easy to use in applications. bimbla.
Hi Do it the easy way ,all you have to do is to get one TSL2550 and connect it directly to pic using i2c Master slave The TSL2550 is low cost optical power sensor in SO8 package All the best Bobi