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have you had a look at Microchip's code samples? there are several examples of i2c for pic18
Hi, I am new to i2c communication and I studied Microchip's documentation and some tutorials online. I need to make 2 pics communicate with each-other (master-slave). In this basic first scenario I have two buttons at the master, ON and OFF. When I press them I want to drive the LED from the slave (...)
If you want to know from the basic to spi and i2c protocols and interfacing devices like motor, relay, DS1307( timer) go for the Muhammed Ali mazidi book for pic18. he start with the assembly and then C language. I think this is the best book. He also written book on 8051,AVR and intell etc.
it doesnt bother if you have one or 2 uart. you can always emulate the other uart with software only. if this second uart is not too restrictive with timing, it should be ok look at the help file on mikroe basic or c compilers for the uart function, there are examples of these 2 serial communications with one hardware uart also, the i2c is actually
i could not understand how to write or read from eeprom. so plz tell me interfacing of i2c eeprom & if any one has program so plz tell me.
ACD,Display,Dotmatrix,Led,Lcd,PWM,Hpwm,spwm,Read,write,lock,counter,rf,rs232,i2c other isis dsn and hex pbp other files
thank nishal can u help me to communucation i2c between pic to pic use basic language
One of the easiest way to go is to use picAXE-18X (pic microcontroller with basic interpreter) .. Its basic dialect includes i2c commands, so you can easily connect RTC (Real time clock) such as DS1307 (or similar) and EEPROM (memory) 24LCXX-series (for example 24LC02 - 256 (...)
Hi! i looking for a simple interface of one picxx and pc using i2c i want use visual basic for gui and comms control. thx!!!
I posted a topic a few weeks ago regarding i2c networking using crownhill pic basic plus. My problem being communicating between two pics on the i2c bus. I received several helpful answers, and have worked through them, taking a break for (...)
Hi, Yes , you surely should use registers . There are a lot of examples , how to configure pic 16F876/877 i2c interface. Check for example this one :
I'm thinking to use the i2c bus with bus-extender or maybe a canbus.