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Hi, I am new to i2c communication and I studied Microchip's documentation and some tutorials online. I need to make 2 pics communicate with each-other (master-slave). In this basic first scenario I have two buttons at the master, ON and OFF. When I press them I want to drive the LED from the slave PIC. I send one byte: 0xAB for ON, 0xBA for OFF.
Well, in order to connect multiple pics (One PIC must be a Master and other PIC must be a Slave), you can use either SPI protocol or i2c protocol ..
For short speech or sound effects when quality isn't very important I use simple PWM at low sampling rate. Even at 4K rate the quality is acceptable. I use a PIC 18F series device and an external memory, either i2c or better still SPI (because it's quicker). For sounds <6 seconds there is enough space inside the smaller pics internal memory withou
i2c is a two-wire protocol where a master can communicate with several slaves - have a look at Microchip's application node AN982
Ok so I am trying to get 2 Pic 18F452 to talk to each other over i2c using MPLABS C18. I am using proteus and loading in my programs for my slave and master pics into the 2 pics by right clicking and clicking 'edit Properties' and opening my programs in HEX in the program files tab. However nothing seems to be happening. I am very new to (...)
Howdee people. I have just completed an i2c interface to get two pics talking ... MASTER and SLAVE setup. This is working......but after successfully reading the first byte from the SLAVE and displaying on MASTER LCD ....if the MASTER again requests to read another byte from the SLAVE....then the two pics seem to lock up...or so it (...)
My suggestion is that you employ a simple microcontroller such as PICAXE-08 (as the push-button interpreter and i2c-bus driver) and four – 16-output i2c bus expander such as the PCF8575 .. Creating and testing program in the simpl
Yes I have used the SPI and i2c on same controller. using different pins. complete set of pin for one and a different set of pins for the other. Was going to suggest the same thing - use 5 separate pins (SPI MISO, SPI MOSI, SPI SCLK and i2c SDA, i2c SCL). pics tend to have one hardware peripheral that can be either SPI
check these topics Connecting 2 PIC16F876A via i2c, and testing in MPLAB Communication between PIC 16F877 and PIC 16F877 SPI communication b/w master-slave pics PIC 2 PIC Master/Slave
Hello All, I wrote ASM code for huge project, but it still has few bugs. So I'll try to program it again with C language. Reazon is not working i2c communication between two pics ( disscuss with that problem earlier in here). Maybe it is easier with C ?. I use 8 bit data for LCD with this project and E,RW,RS are routed via Altera logic ch
Colleagues, Is it possible to switch between i2c Master and Slave modes during run time by writing to the SSPCON register? I will have two pics in the system. One will handle the display, another one will control the process. When the process isn?t running, the display PIC should be the Master. When the process is running, the display PIC s
I would consider driving the LCD with just one PIC and have it communicate with the other pics via SPI, i2c, or UART. That way only one PIC needs to access the LCD. Of course, that PIC has more complex code, but this solution allows for easy expansion in the future, should you need to add one or more pics, and it solves the problem of (...)
Hello every body, Im starting in the programing of pics using the CCS,.. So I need Help to make a Master Slave using the RS232 Interface. This is the Idea: Use the RS232 as a interface to work as the Bus i2c do it. Thank you ClK
You can share the two pins between two protocols (i2c,SPI). You should use a kind of Analog Multiplex (take care, i2c Receiver sends Acknowledge in DATA line). Analog Multiplex by principle is bidirectional (Switchs). Not Tri-state. Like Pass-Gates (PMOS&NMOS in parallel)
Go with the pics. They are much faster than the 68HC11. And they do have code protection. i2c works OK on pics. The possible disadvantage of the PIC vs. the 68HC11 is the reduced instruction set, which can sometimes be a disadvantage, and some issues with the RAM banking scheme.
Looks like that pins of second PIC that you connect to i2c bus are not in Z state. Did you correctly initialized its TRIS register? Also, you can select any address for your slave PIC. But if you want to connect others standard i2c devices, like EEPROM, LCD etc. to the same bus, then better select first part of address from reserved set, like 0
Can show me some useful link with the project above? Main problem is CPU that working as fast slave mode i2c ( with hardware i2c controller, or with fast Risc CPU as Ubicom (Scenix)).
I cant communicate two pics with i2c. I have enabled interrupts in the slave SSPIE = 1; SSPIF = 0; PEIE = 1; GIE = 1; and monitored all the registers of the slave PIC in one LCD: SSPSTAT, SSPCON1, SSPCON2, INTCON, INTCON2, INTCON3, PIR1, PIR2, PIE1, PIE2, IPR1, IPR2, RCON to see if something chages and then I send a byte from the maste
Title: Universal Programmer Analyser - UPA Version: 2.3 Lite (the full version can be found at License: Freeware Author: ELRA-Kovatchev With the logic analyser can be researched pulse series up to 4 channels simultaneous.nput1 to Input4 use parallel port pins BUSY, ACK, PE, SLCT correspo
you also have some good app notes directly from microchip AN515, AN541 or AN554 about the implementation of i2c and pics.