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Simple i2c controller -- -- 1) No multimaster -- 2) No slave mode -- 3) No fifo's -- -- notes: -- Every command is acknowledged. Do not set a new command before previous is acknowledged. -- Dout is available 1 clock cycle later as cmd_ack -- library ieee; use i
Hi, Can you re-frame your question :?: and make it a bit more clear.. Do you mean an i2c master with interrupt from slaves. On receiving an interrupt via any of its GPIO pin, the master services the slave. Is this you are asking? Thanks
I did a communication between a dspic 33 fj256gp710 as a master (on a explorer 16 board) and a pic 16f887 as a slave (on a pickit 2 board). When I'm runnig the programs(both master and slave) in animate mode it is ok for the first cycle, in next cycle thoose does not syncronize I think. In normal running mode the same (...)
Hi, I am working on PIC microcontrollers currently-dsPIC33F256GP710. I want to work my PIC as a slave device for i2c communication. I have done the initialization part only till now. If any one have the code for i2c slave mode for any microcontroller please upload here or please forward (...)
Hi Yes it is , you will need to do bit banging on the I/O poert simulating i2c bus in master mode Do not try to do i2c bus in slave mode using I/O very hard to impliment I belive you can find code for i2c master mode in TI site All the (...)
hi all, i trying to interface EEPROM and RTC with my 6713 dsp using i2c bus which is inbuild module in 6713. I have written code based in the documents given my code is working in DIGITAL LOOPBACK mode. but when im trying ti write some thing to EEPROM or RTC i didnt get any acknowledgement from (...)
Chose two I/O pins for SDA and SCL and connect them to i2c device(slave mode) directly. See, it works. The C code for 8051:
Hi , I want to send serial eeprom data to CPLD/FPGA in i2c bus . My component is AT24C16 and AT89s52 and FPGA There are two way I could think of : Way 1:So need to write a i2c HDL code let FPGA directly read AT24C16 Way 2:Use AT89s52 to read AT24C16 then write to FPGA by i2c bus . Coudl you help to get (...)