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Hi, Suppose a given rtl had to be synthesized into a netlist ready for physical design. Assuming that the rtl contained only a i2c interface, what would be the approximate gate count of the netlist after synthesis ? Thanks, Aditya
/* i2c */ /* Header file */ #include #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 4E6 void i2cinit(void); void i2cstart(void); void i2cstart(void); void i2cstop(void); void i2csendACK(void); void i2csendNACK(void); void i2cwait(void); (...)
the PIC16 as a master could have a number of slave devices attached, e.g. EEPROM, DAC, etc for examples of PIC16 i2c code have a look at
Hi, i have been done some basic work on hi-tech compiler, like LCD, Serial communication, i2c, i want to learn bit advance like SD card, USB but unfortunately im unable to find resources on net, even microchip did not provide enough help on this topic, i want to request if some body can advise some book or other resources to learn further. th
Go through these: Hope this helps. Tahmid.
You can try this DS1307 code with already header file.
Currently, I have just tried out the software SPI and i2c. Both are not working. If I used the hardware based, then, i get no problem. But, I need one of them to be software based. Anyone can please help? Thanks in advance.
i need to know if there is library for functions to write and read by i2c OR SPI in mplab with high_tech universal suite compilor.....THANKS
please post all your information (schematics, code, test results) otherway there is little help we can provide... i think... maybe you are forgetting or messing with the i2c packet. most examples use small i2c memories (24c01 to 24c16) which only uses 3 bytes to write a random position (i2c_addr , mem_adr, mem_dat) all enclosed in (...)
hello sir The problem was solve but in lcd error output diaplay this rtc program using i2c pic16f877a, i have problem in i2c "write" function please see my program #include #include //#include //#include #pragma config WDT=OFF #define ACK 1 #define NO_ACK 0 #define SLAVE 0xD0 #define
If you are using the Hi-tech compiler use the routines that are in the samples folder. You just need to edit 'i2c.h' to suit your setup. 'i2c.h' contains the following function prototypes. extern signed char i2c_ReadAcknowledge(void); extern unsigned char i2c_SendAddress(unsigned char, unsigned (...)
Hi all, I am working on a project on PIC16F877A with ATMEL24C512 EEPROM I?C Protocol I am using Hi-tech C Compiler please any of you if Had any piece of code please share I wan to use i2c sample library provided with hi-tech C Thanks
For i2c communication can be used the code from attachment. Is very simple and is written in C. The Hi-tech compiler was used.
The best compiler is HItech. I am working for other 5 years and i do not have any problem And friend of mine worked with CCS and he had a problem with the i2c routine and etc
Hi, look at your ....\picc18\samples\i2c directory
Hi It is my first time to implement with non-voliate EEPROM chip and I am interested to get sample of EERPOM without built-in i2c. Do you know any good EERPOM? Thank in advance Maverickmax
Better use CCS C compiler, it has ready function to execute an i2c command.
check out this link . it is ds1307 but have similar interface ( i2c) with PCF8583
HI: I am a beginer of pic. i want to write the i2c programme with C . so i want to consult about someone's i2c examples ; who can help me? thank you!