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There's already on-chip UART in 89s52. You can use it for simplicity. Is there any specific reason for choosing i2c??? The best common technique for implementing SPI or i2c on 8051's is bit banging by using "RLC" in assembly. Refer to this:
You have to first tell us which EEPROM you are using. The protocol and interface used for communication with PIC must be known. This depends on the EEPROM you are using or are required to use. You may have to use SPI, i2c or even parallel communication. But you must tell us which EEPROM you are using.
Hi, For interfacing two dsPICs, you could use parallel communication, simply just connect one port of one dsPIC to one port on the other dsPIC and send/receive data. A more efficient method would be to use serial communication. You could use SPI/i2c(twi)/UART. UART would be simple and requires only 2 pins (for bidirectional (...)
Hello everyone, I recently started project with ARMSAM7 microcontroller and ublox GPS receiver working on i2c bus. I'm using twi drivers and free RTOS. Problem is following: I have to configure some parameters on GPS module and after that to poll some messages. After writing configuration message toward GPS module it passes ok on physical l
with RS485? ow long is your communication length??? for small lengths o, in-pcb comm, you could use i2c (twi on avr)
I need a source code with c or assembly that creat communication between two atmega 32 ,one micro as a master and other is slave.but we have not premission to use twi module in micro,assume that we use PIC that has not twi module. TANKS with ALL.
for AVR i2c: do you want code with internal i2c hardware or software (bit bang) i2c? If you need hardware check atmel website, they have application notes on AVR i2c,atmel use word "twi Interface" instead of i2c.