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arm some registers are only word accessible... struct { unsigned x1: 3; unsigned x2: 13; } x @ 0x0x40090120; //0x40090120 ONLY WORD ACCESSIABLE x.x2 = 2; // NOW arm will enter hard fault handler; so any idea to make compiler(iar) access 0x0x40090120 ONLY base on word type? [
Possibly it is set in your Debugger Options Settings in iar Workbench
my question is in iar or gnu arm compiler a startup file is exactly same keil? Unlikely the same, but providing similar functionality. Your latest example is e.g. assigning memory space for a heap which might be not used by a specific compiler. I believe that your original question has been answered, also you usually don't have t
hi,i want to know for iar arm environment is there service pack device .that is like code wizard and increasing speed development? thanks for reply8-O8-O
Hi, to be honest in my opinion arduino is not a good idea. It actually separates you from real hardware. The best way in my opinion is to buy a development board (5-40quid), start a bare metal programming. When you become familiar with timers, interrupts etc etc - you can of course join the arduino community. Internet is the best source of kno
Hi All, Attached herewith an excellent, small KEIL C51 tutorial, which I found while searching internet.The original PDF file was having lot of annoying advertisements imposed on top of many pages, which I removed all painfully. Any similar kind of tiny compact Embedded C tutorial on KEIL or iar arm available? If yes, it will be great h
When I sad write only I mean that you can only write to this register. IO0SET |= value equal IO0SET = IO0SET | value - read, modify, write The correct way is to write directly: IO0SET = value - - - Updated - - - I am new to iar Compiler and LPC MCUs but if s
Where is stop watch in iar EW arm and iar EW AVR ? I need to check how much time it takes to execute each instruction.
Yes i agree with dreamtale. If you are not fimiliar with iar use keil for development becuase i think there are a lot examples and projects.
I use iar debugger for arm but I don't use Keil debugger because kail wanted me to include CMSIS lib. but iar didn't want to this library. iar
Hello everyone, I have installed iar Embedded Workbench for arm to run simple example project of FreeRTOS. I have tow options for licensing iar. One is 30 day evaluation with no code limit and second is 32kByte code limit all time. My question is how much code memory do we need for simple example code (e.g. Blink LED) in FreeRTOS? Which (...)
Hello, I am looking for a .h file that is used to compile my code in iar. it is called as ior8c.h. can you help me about that? thank you
hi guys i,d like to recompile a project using iar arm compiler.i use stm32f4 discovery board and i want to recompile "Demonstration" project which downloaded from st site but afer compile iar errors give 30 error please help to solve this problem thanks a lot //----------------------------- Building configuration: (...)
I have just bought the STMICROELECTRONICS - STM32F429I-DISCO - STM32F4, DISCOVERY, EVAL i would like to programming it with iar worbench (i have a student edition). Is this possible? I need to install any drivers for this boar
A function named SystemInit is not implemented (or an address label definition) is missing from a source code file (either in C or assembly). You might possibly be missing a library/Keil source file from your project settings, with a name something like "system_lpc17xx.c", or similar. I use iar instead of Keil, so I cannot be more explicit tha
I am assuming that the EDU version of the segger J-link is the same as the commercial version - they just sell it at very low price for students/instructors. I think this is indeed the case. The iar J-link tool (yellow box) is the same as the equivalent Segger J-link tool (black box) inside and I have used both/either interchangeably on projects.
Hi, I am using iar Workbench with Embedded Artists LPC2468 development board. I am trying to read the status of pressure sensor via I2C. In the code the state of I2CSTAT is not changing and interrupt is not being generated. I am using I2C0. Can someone point out the mistake? The main code is below #include
Do you have breadboarding supplies and benchtop power supply? There are many, many, many development kits of the AMR7TDMI based parts from several sources, including starter kits from iar, Keil, Rowley Crossworks, and more. These kits are often more "turnkey" and come with what you need for hardware and pluf into a PC USB port with a cable, usua
Hi, You can use Keil or iar IDE for STM32F107VCT6 programming. They also support in circuit debugging like JTAG. Regards,
hi dear friend... i am going to use arm Cortex A8(AM3359) processor for one project...i read that,iar and CCS compiler will support for this processor..i need help for ,i dont know how to write code for this controller using C... also i dont known what kind of register v have to set or clear....plz try to give sample code dear led