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Thanks to all for reply. The problem can also be solved by modifying segment size in linker file i.e. LNK43.XCL. Actually,on some optimization in code I got rid of that error. Thank yall once again. Regards, Suryakant.
hi all, I m using iar tool for my software i m debugging 1 code where after few modifications i encounered following problem while linking. Please help me to overcome it. Thanks. Making target Debug... Linking... Error: Segment CSTR (size: 0x28d align: 0x1) is too long for segment definition. At least 0x52 more bytes needed. Th
The TI samples are for the iar C-Compiler, if you take a look inside the sample you will see a line like this " #include "msp430x16x.h" " in the header you can find all register adresses which aply for this type of ?C. You can download the Trial version of the C-Compiler from the TI Website, then you have all the (...)
under u can find a TCP/IP stack written for the MSP with iar regards revolt
Hi guys, has someone ported the tcp/ip from Andreas Dannenberg for the msp430 to a newer iar version (2.10) ? regards revolt
I think KEIL is the most popular C compiler for C166/ST10. iar makes C compilers for almost every MCU/CPU platforms available. Renesas (former Hitachi and Mitsubishi semiconductors) also makes som popular 4, 8, 16 and 32 bit MCU/CPU's. Look at this post to c
Hi esmcu! I program these microcontrollers approximately one year only in C language , using iar C compiler. It's ease and very strong c compiler, but have others c compiler more inexpensive like - GCC msp430(free) - hi-tech - Quadravox - Image craft...etc. for first step I recommend You read more about C language, one good book is: (...)
Sekafree is right get from OLIMEX the msp430 JTAG ADAPTER FET FLASH EMUKLATION TOOL schematic .. It's compatible with iar devellopment chain that you can download from the TI web site .. This tool allows to the program & debug with C-SPY the msp430 familly ..
Hi, I am looking for a msp430 delay calculator or a delay routine. I tried to write one but i was not very accurate. It can be in Assembly or iar-C. (iar sucks, you give 1500$ to the compiler and it does not supply even a delay function) Best regards
Hi, I have just started using msp430 with iar C Compiler. In my opinion, no words to MCU but for iar, it is an awful compiler. CCS for PIC has so many ready routines, so you do not have to learn all the internal registers. iar for MSP does not include any routines. (...)
Hi, I need help regarding iar 2.10A for msp430. How can i download compiled image from this version. Old versions you can directly open the debugger and can download compiled image . but 2.10A debugger is integrated . need help ASAP, niks
Hi.. I just got one sample of msp430 from ti. I ask for it because i want to study it. I had download iar msp430 from ti and start built jtag follow circuit from olimex. but i still confuse with it.. most of evaluation board use 32.768 kHz xtal. and in ti datasheet it say this micro had 125ns instruct cycle time. Can i (...)
Does anybody know how to set iar for msp430 to debug C file.When I debug 1 file it is O.K. but debugging more C files in project does not works only with Simulator but not with Emulation flash tool.Emulation flash tool works only with one C file.
Hi, Would someone tell me how to compile files from commandline or how to make a makefile for iar c-compiler msp430. I want to compile my files inside from CodeWright. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, ltg