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Thank you very much alexxx. It worked fine as you said but can you explain me why 10*9600 is not working. I mean I have used this kind of statements in iar, RIDE etc.
Hi everyone! I'm new to the microcontroller world, but quite experienced with software and firmware. I need to develop two different applications using two different microcontrollers (NOTE: can't change the HW!) - Freescale kinetis K60 (ARM Cortex-M4), using MQX RTOS for simple interface control (CAN, USB, ethernet) - NXP LPC1788 (ARM Cortex-
Keil dont support atmega32 You can use AVR Studio which is a free IDE from atmel or commercial ones like codevision, mikroe, iar.
keil 4 has arm gcc compiler... you can try iar work bench...
No there are many more like GNUARM (gcc) , iar , CrossWorks etc Alex
Proteus can work with iar, gcc and KALE, Labcenter Electronics - Supported Third Party Compilers I think you need to update proteus to a newer version, or you can load the hex file but debugging will not be available. If iar doesn't create the hex file then check the program options. Al
Hi, I am new for debugging microcontrollers. I will get only the Jlink V8 HW from my friend. My Qs. Can I use arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc compiler and iar together to debug? Can I use iar IDE with Segger Jlink V8 and arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc compiler? Or you can suggest which debugging software / IDE I can (...)
I am trying build ARM applets for running on AT91SAM7X256 in the SAM-BA environment. The supplied examples use gcc. I've created an iar project, and added all the source files in the MAKEFILE. 'isp_startup.s' does not assemble with errors on the lines '.align 4', '.arm', '.section .text', '.global entry', '.space 4*32' and '.word 0
gcc Keil Evaluation iar Evaluation -- Amr
I think these micros are very interesting in term of power,speed,performance,price versus 8/16 bit micro like as AVR,MSP430,PIC (old micros). These new 32bit but simple micros support RTOS in hardware and the tools for these micros are available from keil ,iar,gcc. I think these micros are very interesting.
hi everybody I want know you'r idea ; Which compiler is the best for programming AVR in C++? avr-gcc ? iar ? ....? thanks alot
C is the best for AVR. You should learn C itself in PC. then start C for AVR,you can use iar C Compiler (you can download its demo from ) You can also see for winavr gcc C compiler for AVR.
Hi First of all, you must say which microprocessor you want to program. Several devices can be programmed using the gcc compiler from GNU. Others demand a commercial software tool. For example, the MSP430 from TI can be programmed using the starter kit from olimex (and parallel port JTAG) with IDE form iar, crossworks, or mspgcc (...)
Hi all, Can u ppl giv me a link to download any compilers (xcept Keil) for ARM nxp staring on the pc regards, :D$ujith Many and many for U ! iar, gcc, . . . . (32KB limited)
Any one help me how can i convert this Statement from gcc to iar Compiler Format? __asm__ __volatile__ ("mov.w %0,R1" : : "m" (currentTask->stack));
iar compiler support many micros like as AVR,MSP430,ARM7(from atmel ST,NXP,..) and have the same environment for all of them. I think it is better ,for ARM they have a tool including RTOS,TCPIP,FS.
Salam, 1- KEIL 2- iar Bye
iar. Check the site for more info.
no hard use iar AVR (trail ver av.) or gcc but if u Beginner the free gcc some hrad for you .... :|
New versions of iar compiler now come with Jlink (USB to now i am having Jlink with me. But if I want to use Jlink with MSP gcc then what should I do? because I think it supports only Parallel port FET....... Any solution to this? I have to use Parallel port FET..........