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Hello everyone! I am trying to simulate a simple circuit in virtuoso using Spectre. The tecnhology is ibm cmos 8 RF (I also tried to use ibm 7 RF and got the same error), and the following errors appear. Any Ideas on what is going on an how to fix? I will really appreciate any help. Thanks! (...)
Hi members, I am using the 28nm cmos28LP technology coming from ST or ibm (or both). When I am trying to see the DC Operating Point for one transistor, parameters like (gm, id, vth, cgs...), they are not displayed. After I made sure that there is no installation problem, I looked into de transistors model files and I found out that (...)
Hello ALl, I've been using the ibm 0.13 um RF cmos process. What is meant by the BF MOAT layer? What is its use in the cmos process? Regards, Mohammed Omar I'm investigating this same topic as well and it looks like it's a way to create isolation. If you look on page 430 of the design manual, you can see what it l
Hi, does anyone here know the cost of each wafer (8inch)? Want to estimate the cost of each die if use this process. Thanks in advance!
Hi, does anyone here know the cost of each wafer (8inch)? Want to estimate the cost of each die if use this process. Thanks in advance!
Hi everyone, I got the following error while running the Assura DRC. There are other topics that treat this issue, but Ive not find the solution yet. Please, could someone help me? Im using IC6.15 and 130nm ibm cmos process (cmrf8sf) Thank you very much, Regards, (...)
Hello, Can anyone let me know where i can get hold of a pdk for Ledit for the ibm 8RF-DM cmos Process Thanks
is weird that an earlier version has the problem and the latest not...But in any case,you should report that to ibm to be solved. Regards, Jimito13
I am using cmos9flp ibm that offers vpnp as forward bias diodes for bandgap design. In the LVS I get an error showing that C is connected to sub! instead of VEE. Has anyone any idea how to overcome this error? D.
Hi, i am working on cadence ibm 130nm and using NMOS.
hi all, I'm checking out threshold voltages in ibm 0.13um cmos process, and found that, for NMOS, VTH0 = 0.0449539. while for PMOS, VTH0 = -0.2185202. I understand second order effect would affect, but isn' VTH0 too small for NMOS? any clues? here is the
I am using ibm cmos 8RF technology, I can pass DRC, LVS smoothly. But when I do the RCX, if I choose, LVS Extracted View as the output, I can easily do and I can get an extracted view without parasistic parameters. If I choose, Extracted View as the output, I almost I can not start the extraction. It report a warinng in the log file as the (...)
Hi everyone, I am using Cadence with cmos10LPE ibm library (65nm). my design needs a ROM (1K, 10bit) and a RAM (4K, 10BIT). In order to make those ROM and ROM, I think the most straightforward way is to design their cmos circuits, simulate them and then do layout. However, this method (...)
probably not as much detail as you're looking for...
i use cmrf8sf 130nm, it is a very good kit. the structure gets tricky once updates are installed and you should be careful about the paths defined in .cdsinit, .cdsenv and cds.lib to ensure you are using the latest version of the kit.
Thanks "Evilguy" .. I am in perticular looking for this process If you have any info about this please let me know Regards
Dear all, Could anyone provide some RF characterization document of cmos 0.18um ibm and Bong-Bu foundry? Such as (i) how many metal and poly layers? (ii) TWIN or TRIP_WELL? (iii) provide RF ESD pad? (iv) what is ft and fmax? (v) with MIM? Thanks wccheng
I'm by far no expert on simulation models, but I can tell you that new gate stacks for >=45nm are based on hafnium oxides and metal gates with engineered work- functions for nmos and pmos. Both work- function engineering and totally new hafnium oxides in combination with low-k dielectrics (!) and litho challenges (...)
It's currently a hot topic within the academia. ibm Berkeley and UCLA have extensive work on this. There's no book available yet, you'll need to search the publications for design implementation.
Hi all, I just got the ibm .18u cmos RF PDK from MOSIS. I'm trying to install it to our system. Even though I installed 2 diffrent PDKs in the past, I couldn't succeed to set this one properly. The ibm(cmosRF7SF) comes with an installation perl script I run that one and answered whatever it asked. Then it (...)